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    Syracuse, Indiana, United StatesUnited States

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    on 8-Aug-2020 at 10:04pm

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Interests: Games (TCG/Video/Tabletop), Music, My family
Likes: Music, Vintage Video Games, Tabletop RPGs, Deckbuilding Games, MTG
Dislikes: Bad Traders! Racist and sexist people! Closed minded individuals!


My Lists Are Finally Up To Date!

Always willing to hear out offers. I will always ship in a timely fashion, and have done so in the past.

Simple rule I have for sending. If I have more trades than you, you ship first. If you have more than me, its your choice who ships first.

I accept PayPal as payment methods.

I will not trade with anyone who has any active BTRs.

Feel free to PM me anytime if you just wanna chat, i enjoy talking to friendly people.

I am looking for NES games on my wanted list and am willing to pay for them or trade for items from my available list if the offer/price is fair enough. Also looking to trade for copies of games I have with undamaged labels to replace the ones i have with damaged labels/writing on carts. I will not pay full suggested price for a game if the cart has any damage to it, including markings, deep scratches, label tears, no labels, stickers (especially ones on the labels, or the video rental metallic stickers), If the cart game board is damaged and won't play i may be interested if the cart itself is in good condition i can use as a replacement for another who's cart's shell is damaged.

I have over 16 years PC repair, building, and customizing/modding experience if you have a question feel free to ask!

Starting up collecting NES & SNES games again! Looking for RPGs not on my collection list as well as many other games.

Don't hesitate to say hi to me!