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      Davie, Florida, United StatesUnited States

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      on 12-Jan-2014 at 7:26pm

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      PlayStation 3, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance

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    Interests: Videogames, sports
    Likes: PS3 videogames with trophies!!! Basketball, Los Angeles Lakers!
    Dislikes: Scammers, BTR's, Liars -_-

    Quote: "Seein is Believing"

    Im really into buying games and getting new things to play or even just to trade. I love to play videogames and if it wasnt for school, work, and basketball, thats all i would be doing. So if you want a game, or trade/sell me something, give it a shot it might work.

    I send trades for games that i am interested in. Some trades might seem unfair when i send them but thats because i want to work something out for the games that i just asked for. Im a easy person to talk to so working out a deal with me is really not hard at all. Dont think i am tryna take advantage or im dumb, i just want to work something out. I dont oppose to any counter offer so feel free to do it, and please if sumthin is wrong, try not to just decline it, at least say WHY or just a kind "No thanks".

    I have a lot of gamecube games and nintendo DS as well. I am currently playing only my PS3 though, and also willing to trade my games. The completed ones of course, and if you really want a game i can finish a game sooner than planned just to trade it to someone. Feel free to send any offers, im a fast replier, extra fast payer, and i ship games as soon as i can, so try it out, hopefully well get a deal done