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Username: codeomerta

Status: active
Created: April 4, 2014 at 4:03pm (EDT)
Codeomerta offered me Ground Zeroes for my Killzone Shadow Fall. I accepted and we agreed to ship at the same time with Delivery confirmation. Monday morning I saw he had messaged me that he sent Ground Zeroes, and in a rush before leaving for the day I packed up Killzone and dropped in the mailbox.

Later, I realized I didn't notice a tracking number when he said he sent it. I checked and saw that yeah, he didn't give me a tracking number.

Well crap.

Over and over again, I messaged him to give me a tracking number or even tell me he didn't have one (he was new, maybe he used stamps or something). He never responded.

Killzone eventually gets to his house, and he still doesn't message me back or confirm that he got the game. I give him 1 final warning that if he doesn't respond to me or if Metal Gear isn't at my house the next day, I will be reporting him.

The night Killzone got to him, he tried to delete his account. His claim was that I was lying about not getting the game, and that he received a box with a Killzone booklet.

Killzone didn't have print manuals, they used digital.

So now I sit and wait. I hope something can be worked out. Actually sending me Metal Gear, giving back Killzone, or even paying me back the value of Killzone in paypal or amazon credit would fix this.

I really hope codeomerta changes his mind so this whole thing can be resolved.
Reported By: Upgrayedd

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