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Bad Trader Reports

Username: TVC15

Status: active
Created: January 9, 2003 at 10:18pm (EDT)
We agreed to trade, I would buy his Eternal Darkness, Animal Crossing, and Memory Card 59 for $45. We agreed to mail at the same time, after I mailed he said he would send the games out when he got the money. Then, he canceled the trade report! I pended it again and filed this. Mike Brown, you scammer, I have your phone number and will be talking with your parents shortly, and will also file mail fraud. I hope you are happy now, scammer.

UPDATE: I have filed for mail fraud at the US Postal Service and have informed his local police department.
Reported By: astoyanovsky

Username: TVC15
Aliases: ohstiger88
Address: 1281 23rd st. ogden, ut 84401

Status: active
Created: January 9, 2003 at 7:59pm (EDT)
He has sent me a check for $30, I hope the check does not bounce..

I sent him Project Gotham and NBA 2k2 for Vice city ps2. I was foolish and should have checked his pending list where he made other deals for vice city. He said he sent it on saturday. Now he deleted the pending trade. I'm giving him one final warning. I will use the law and suggest everyone else involved to contact the police and postal services also.
Reported By: master_homer

Username: TVC15
Aliases: dog man
Address: 1281 23rd st. Ogden, UT 84401

Status: active
Created: January 7, 2003 at 5:28pm (EDT)
On December 17th we pended the trade between two lower grade GameCube games. I sent mine out almost immediately, and he said in two emails that he was sending out today or the next day.

After a week of no communication, and pestering emails from me, he claimed that "i'm away from school, and it is harder for me to email. I'm not a bad trader, just busy. And I sent out Pikmin earlier today". (paraphrased)

His next email was short, stating: I got Bomberman today (26th) That was three days after he claimed to mail out his end. Well it's been two weeks since then and still no game, and no communication. After seeing another bad trader report on him, i decided to go ahead and submit early, not waiting til the 13th of January like i said I would in the last email. I guess I should have investigated his trades more thoroughly..... blech!!
Reported By: thrak76


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