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Username: KQuick

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Created: October 18, 2009 at 5:53pm (EDT)
I purchase a Microsoft Wireless Network Adapter From Kirby on Sept 14 which he receive his payment on Sept 18. He took about two weeks to ship it out which the trade stated send immediately which he never did. when i receive the item from him, i completed the trade but never tested thinking nothing wrong with it. i open the package two days later to see if the Wireless Network adapter works. I plug it in to the back up my xbox and theres no show of any lights coming on. I messages him on his aim sn but never responded until 2 days later. He stated that he tested the product before it was sent. he wouldn't sell a broken item..therefore I'm guessing something happened to it via shipping or under your care. A refund would be necessary if you hadn't already completed the doing so that's telling me that everything worked out fine and the trade is 100% complete. We couldnt come to a agreement about the item so im looking to report him for this. All im asking is a refund back. The item he shipped me doesnt even show any lights on it and how im going to used it? Please I need this resolved asap.
Reported By: djkadafi
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (26-Oct-2009)
I explained that I could not find a post office in my college area, and that I could not get to a post office in my home town by the time i got out of classes. I apologized for this, shipped during my next visit home, and was given nothing but attitude about this. I do not use AIM often..djkadafi would have been better off by sending a message through the pending trade..I normally respond within 24 hours. I tested the product before shipping and it worked fine. It was also in excellent for condition. I mailed the adapter out in a secure bubble envelope with tracking. I never had any problems with the item, and would not sell a broken item of any sort to anyone, so I'm guessing the product does not work due to shipping damage or under djkadafi's care..both of which I am not responsible for. I am curious why this BTR was reported, considering he/she accepted and completed the trade and LATER reported the item broken.

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