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    Kansas, United StatesUnited States

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    on 15-Jun-2024 at 9:58pm

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    since 12-Jan-2012

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    PC / Windows Sega Sega Saturn Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo GameCube Nintendo Wii, PlayStation PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 PlayStation Portable PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Xbox Microsoft Xbox 360, Game Boy Advance Nintendo DS Nintendo 3DS Bandai WonderSwan Game Gear

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Trade Date/Time: 25-Jul-2023 6:38am

Lost Kingdoms, Re Zero, Black 251 +15 pp f &f via CronoTrigger

Gypsy sends:
Item Recieved

sent, not received HEHEHATE
not sent, received Gypsy

Canceled: 30-Jul-2023 9:14am by Gypsy

Gypsy's reason for canceling this trade:
I am sending his items back tomorrow.

HEHEHATE's response:
When a recipient marked items as received they have chosen to finalize and have agreed to accepting goods and service in as in condition.

Once this is done the user is prompted to rate a trader and move items throughout their collection. Upon doing so these titles are them the responsibility of the new owner.

This does not give you the right to dispute claims following acceptance and seeking additional compensation/removal or replacement of titles/ or cancellation. This is/can and should all be settled prior to the reception. If it is not a canceled trade or BTR would be appropriate action.

However to BTR Someone over their unaccountability here is my issue. As i would have happily handled any arising issue prior to final confirmation of reception.

All titles were loaded tested and played past title and were deemed appropriate to ship. So yes titles were all in working order prior to ship.

If time was needed to test it would have been appropriately been given. Most of you know I'm not a speed chess player on here so if that was an issue it could have been mentioned which it was not.

However After being the one that was merely here to facilitate a trade gypsy absolutely could have handled himself and basilly dotting all the i's and crossing the t's for all parties involved. To be the one expected to compensated based on their number vs my own and cover shipping back when they never paid to ship anything in the trade to begin with really doesn't sit well with me.

As a person I like matt we've had great chats in and out of gametz, but bottom line is were not trader partners and to be penalized for a user acting above gametz guidelines is inexcusable.

I have had some good trades with Matt in the Past, but the bad ones are awful. From a manual with minor water damage that I was Forced to cover in a trade we were both committed on, but he still was able to keep the manual out of it. Initiating in the same trade another 3 way trade that I would have gotten quicker had i walked there and back instate to go pick the thing up myself on a nearly week or 2 instate ship time. Never got tracking on it either.

I also find Matt to be a very picky trader (I'm easily taking 20+ pics on titles this 3 game lot was over 50 images and this whole issue could have been completely avoided if he just said you know what i'd rather ship back on this then confirm I have received your items.

Instead Prior to cancelation I'm being BTR'd over this. I have 200 page hits on the busiest day of GameTZ Viewing. A guy arguing shipping who needed to be compensated for it originally on a $1.01 difference in evaluation and My information is publicly doxed putting myself and my family potentially in direct harm's way.

If you choose to Deal with Matt you can do better you can do much worse. For me Enough is enough and I recommend the same to other users as I'll never do business with him again.

This is gametz not gypsytz. If you wanna teach your goldfish to beat malenia that's on your time not mine.