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Bad Trader Reports

Username: Embryodead
Address: 85 Atlantic BLVD North Providence, RI 02911

Status: active
Created: July 30, 2005 at 10:02pm (EST)
This trader has been out of contact with me for almost a month.
I sent the item with delivery confirmation and it stated the package
was recieved on Wendsday, July 6th of this month. He never put that
he recieved, and when I attempted to contact him via AIM with his AOL
name, he denied even being a member of the site let alone having that
name (why I put the question mark next to it). I have tried to E-mail this user
various times and sent him messages regarding the trade with no response.
This all happened right around the time when his subscription expired (that's
when I started to get worried) and when he stopped signing in this site (Last login
July 20th). I don't recommend trading with this individual unless they send first,
and even in that case I urge caution because of the stuff he says. Either way, I'm
going to get back my end of the deal once I file mail fraud.
Reported By: RATMbola

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