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Here is a list of all that is in my bio. Each section is marked by a keyword. Press CTRL+F and enter the keyword denoted by parentheses ("___"). Result one is my index, result two is a detailed account of what keys any Gametz member needs to worry about, and result three is the detailed description of said key.

What MMA I am looking for and key for my collection- "MMA info/key"
The MMA duplicates I have for trade- "Duplicates"
The wrestling I have for trade- "Wrestling for trade"
My MMA Collection- "My MMA collection"
My MMA Books- "MMA Books"
Information and key for my entire list, what you need to know and what you can disregard- "Zenon_K Key"
Information and key for my Pokemon Series 1 VHS collection- "Pokemon VHS"
Information and key for The Great Courses- "The Great Courses"
Information and key for Harry Potter video games- "Harry Potter video games"
Information and key for members- "Swapadvd"
Information and key for Blockbuster- "Blockbuster"
Information and key for Pool Champions- "Pool Champions
Information and key for Multiple system wants- "Multi platform"
Information about PlayStation 3 Controller- "PlayStation 3 Controller"
Information about Mario Party 5- "Mario Party 5"
Information about Inventory Key- "Inventory Key"

MMA info/key- I'm interested in ANY AND ALL MMA, Shootfighting/Shootboxing, or grappling tournament DVDs or VHS tapes. All eras, any organization, everything from dirt floors to to 91 thousand people in the Saitama Super Arena. I want it. Bold indicates that I am willing to upgrade to a complete/legitimate copy/replace damaged/stickered cover art. Also interested in any books. The first section (in bold) is DVD's I have duplicates of, I am willing to trade for anything I don't have. Also, looking for wrestling collectors to trade with. I know that often I come across Wrestling when gathering my collection via lot purchases, and vice versa for wrestling collectors. So I would be willing to swap the odds and ends wrestling shows I acquire for the MMA you do. Listed in this section are the wrestling stuff I have. I am willing to swap 1 disc-1 disc.

EDIT START////// As of December 23rd, 2018, I refuse to have anything to do with the ultimate fighting championship until all involved in the jon jones steroid harboring and law circumvention scandal have removed themselves from the company. I will no longer collect, deal in, or accept anything to do with them./////EDIT END

However, this only makes me more hungry to expand my non UFC MMA collection. I am considering that to be anything that falls within the time period under which any employee involved became involved in a properties operation, and any show operated within that time frame. For example, no PRIDE events were run while any employee was involved with ownership of the property. Because no money would enter their hands as a result of a DVD they had no ownership of at the time, they are not boycotted despite the property now being owned by the UFC. However, should the UFC release an entire PRIDE FC collection or re-released sets, as they now own the property and would be receiving the money from said property, I would not consider it. Another example, because Reed Harris founded the brand and continues in the UFC today, all WEC shows fall under my boycott.

MMA- Extreme Fighting 1
Gladiator Challenge 1
KOTC 1-2 box set
KOTC 1-8 boxset
Pride FC Bushido Volume 3
Rampage Birth of a Champion

Wrestling for trade- FOW: King of Carnage- Fatal Four Way
TNA Slammiversary 2005
The Rise and Fall of ECW
Steve Austin: The Early Years (disc only)
WWE Wrestlemania: The Complete Anthology Volume 1 1985-1989
WWE Wrestlemania XIX
WWE Summerslam 2005

My MMA Collection

Bodog FIGHT 1 To the Brink of War
Bodog FIGHT 2 USA vs Russia I

Elite XC 1 Destiny

Extreme Fighting 1
Extreme Fighting 2

Gladiator Challenge 1 Gladiator Challenge
Gladiator Challenge 2 Showdown at Soboba
Gladiator Challenge 3 Collision at Colusa
Gladiator Challenge 4 Rumble in the Rockies
Gladiator Challenge 5 Caged Beasts

HOOKnSHOOT Absolute Fighting Championships 1

International Fighting Championship 1 Kombat in Kiev
International Fighting Championship 2 Mayhem in Mississippi
International Fighting Championship 4 Akwesasane
International Fighting Championship 5 Battle in the Bayou

International Fighting Championship Fighter's Revenge

King of the Cage 1 The Beginning
King of the Cage 2 Desert Storm
King of the Cage 3 Knockout Nightmare
King of the Cage 4 Gladiators
King of the Cage 5 Cage Wars
King of the Cage 6 Road Warriors
King of the Cage 7 Wet and Wild
King of the Cage 8 Bombs Away
King of the Cage 31 Lethal Impact
King of the Cage 40 Relentless
King of the Cage 41 Buckeye Nuts
King of the Cage 46 Australia
King of the Cage 47 Uprising
King of the Cage 49 Soboba
King of the Cage 56 Calienete
King of the Cage 57 Mucho Machismo
King of the Cage 60 Xtreme Edge
King of the Cage 61 Flash Point
King of the Cage 63 Final Conflict
King of the Cage 64 Raging Bull
King of the Cage 65 Outlaws
King of the Cage 68 Battle at Ute Mountain
King of the Cage 69 Drop Zone
King of the Cage 70 The Return
King of the Cage 72 Heavy Hitters
King of the Cage 75 Mangler
King of the Cage 76 Australia II
King of the Cage 77 Shootout
King of the Cage 80 Meltdown
King of the Cage 81 BOOYAA
King of the Cage 83 Cyclone
King of the Cage 85 Hard Knocks
King of the Cage 86 Mass Destruction

King of the Cage Canada 2 Firestorm
King of the Cage Canada 3 Shock and Awe
King of the Cage Canada 4 Conquest

King of the Cage Singapore

PRIDE Fighting Championships 14 Clash of the Titans
PRIDE Fighting Championships 15 Raging Rumble
PRIDE Fighting Championships 16 Beasts From the East
PRIDE Fighting Championships 17 Championship Chaos
PRIDE Fighting Championships 18 Cold Fury 2
PRIDE Fighting Championships 20 Armed and Ready
PRIDE Fighting Championships 21 Demolition
PRIDE Fighting Championships 24 Cold Fury 3
PRIDE Fighting Championships Final Conflict 2005
PRIDE Fighting Championships Shockwave 2006
PRIDE Fighting Championships 30: Fully Loaded

PRIDE Fighting Championships Bushido Vol. 1
PRIDE Fighting Championships Bushido Vol. 2
PRIDE Fighting Championships Bushido Vol. 3

Rumble on the Rock 4
Rumble on the Rock 5
Rumble on the Rock 6
Rumble on the Rock 7
Rumble on the Rock 8

Sport Fight 15: Tribute

Ultimate Athlete 1: The Genesis

World Extreme Fighting 17

World Fighting Alliance 2: The Lords of Mayhem

MMA Books- Chuck Liddell and Chad Millman: Iceman: My Fighting Life
Forrest Griffin and Erich Krauss: Got Fight?: The 50 Zen Principles of Hand-to-Face Combat
Forrest Griffin and Erich Krauss: Be Ready When the Sh*t Goes Down: A Survival Guide to the Apocalypse
Jonathan Snowden and Kendall Shields: The MMA Encyclopedia

Zenon_k Key- I am labeling my inventory so as to keep it as legible as possible for my family should I not be able to handle the affairs of my account for any period of time. Gametz members can disregard any listing label of BB, SWAP, Letter Letter Number (I.E. SS1), or Letter Letter Number Letter (I.E. IS1L). BB stands for Blockbuster, meaning I am willing to acquired copies or discs to fill artwork to list for eBay. They are a reminder to myself that as to what they are, as many I would have absolutely no interest in otherwise, or otherwise own already. SWAP is for visiting members of another website, denoting titles that are not included in any special deals I have offered on said website. Series of letters and numbers are labels that denote where in my inventory titles are stored.

Pokemon VHS- I am looking to complete a Series 1 VHS collection. The ones I have listed on my available tabs are duplicates. I am willing to let them go normally. If any in the collection tab are indicated with SWAP, I am willing to swap them for a copy with a better box as part of a larger deal. Once I complete it, I will be looking to further upgrade all remaining tapes with factory sealed copies.

The Great Courses Series- If noted with a "C", This means I would consider replacing any missing discs or volumes in the set. Any listing that is also marked with a plus is for my personal use, meaning I would consider the same offer in order to add it to my personal collection.

Harry Potter video games- I am wanting every different version of the game. For games where the same version is ported to the various consoles, I'd want the Xbox version to keep it all to one system. Games I already own are in my collection list. Games that I don't own or need completing are in my wanted. For Years 1 and 2, that means PS1, GBC, GBA, Xbox and PC. For Year 3, that means GBA, Xbox, and PC. For Years 4-5 that means GBA and PC. After Year 5, all games were unified ports of each other, so I am only interested in PC copies. I am not interested in the handheld versions after year 5.

Swapadvd- This is only for members vising from Any Gametz members can disregard this information. Items marked with SWAP are NOT included in any deal I offer at

Blockbuster- Any item marked BB is for my own personal reference. I have either cases and/or Blockbuster artwork that I am looking to match with said movie to lot them together for eBay. Also willing to consider any former rentals, particularly non Blu Rays/movies (i.e. VHS tapes, video games) or standalone artwork in trades/deals. Would also accept otherwise empty cases as sweeteners as well.

Pool Champions- I have a disc only copy of this from way back when. I don't know why, but this game was weirdly grown on me and I'd love to find out more information on this. 1. I have not been able to find any information or pictures as to if this came with a box. I received this as part of a disc only binder in 2000, containing a hundred or so games and programs from 1999-2000 from Gateway, included in the purchase of a computer. The only pictures I've ever found are disc only. So I don't know if all copies were available in this kind of fashion only or not. 2. My copy, cross referencing from the few examples I did find, seems to be unique in three ways. First, it is spelled Champions with the "S". All other copies and material I've found refer to it as "Pool Champion". Secondly, mine has both the 1995 creation copyright (which fits), but also a 1998 registration copyright from Sonoma Multimedia. Lastly, said references all depict the discs artwork being that of an "8 Ball" with text on it. Mine is a black disc, with generic looking text for the title and trademark information and the "Sonoma Multimedia" company logo. I'm just wondering if my copy is someone a one of a kind copy and did it ever come with a box?

Multi platform- For most games, my only condition is that I want to own all games in a series on one single platform. My rankings goes as follows. If I can get multiple games in one shot, then I'd prefer that. Next to that, I'd prefer them on a single of these systems, in descending order. Xbox>PS2>Gamecube. Unless otherwise specified, I'd prefer the Xbox (generally the best of both worlds), PS2 (nearly always the cheapest), and then the Gamecube (copies of which are usually much more expensive than the other two). Lastly, I know that some games are rare and/or expensive on certain consoles. Because there isn't a vast difference on 99% of cases, I'd go for value and/or ease of getting the others.

PlayStation 3 Controller- The controller turned on fine and sort of worked at first. The buttons seemed to not respond completely, and it looked as if the controller was leeching grease or oil. The outside looked fine, but as if it literally had oil coming out of the "pores". I dissembled it and cleaned it (the oil thing only seemed to be on the recess of the thumbsticks as the rest of it looked out of the box new) but I had an absolute whale of a time trying to get the shoulder buttons back in. I got so frustrated and gave up when I saw a dirt cheap 3rd party at Gamestop because I was excited to play the system for the first time. I then came to discover that it was probably the worst and most broken game that I've ever played that was the culprit. It likely didn't have anything to do with the controller. My brother said it worked the last time he used it, it was just an extra controller he was getting rid of when the PS4 came out and he put the PS3 away. I don't see why it wouldn't work, but I didn't have the patience to re-assemble it after spending most of the afternoon fiddling with it, so I certainly don't have any more to do it again. I value it a few dollars less that it would otherwise be worth as compensation for putting it back together, and if you have the appropriate experience and rating I'd be more than happy to send it to you first to confirm it worked beforehand. If it did not, I'd supply the difference in payment, if you sent it back to me when you send your end of our deal so I can use or sell the parts.

Mario Party 5- Art and manual only. Someone's dog got to it when I got it in a lot, so there is an inch section of the bottom spine that is destroyed. Basically, you could trim it and it's not completely worthless if you are the kind of person that can stand stickers on artwork. It's a little larger than that if trimmed nicely. Similar damage to the manual, but about half as much area. And it was only chewed, not chewed through. The front and back cover of the manual are missing, Basically the first 3 or 4 pages are damaged, and the other 30 looked like a chewed pencil.

Inventory Key- These are labels for location of physical inventory. Any Gametz members can disregard this information.

IS#W (Inventory Shelf, Shelf Number, Wall). This denotes shelves located in the far end of the basement. Shelves are numbered 1-3, in descending order according to height. Wall denotes which wall said shelf is located on.

SS# (Storage Shelf, Shelf number). This denotes shelves located in the joists. Each are marked with a corresponding number, numbering running from lowest to highest, from the farthest end moving through to the stairs. VHS tapes are cataloged in the Lime Green Binder marked "LISTS", in it's first section. Each page is labeled by shelf, further labeled by number indicating it's approximate position on the shelf (numbers are physically marked on shelf by counts of 5 for convenience). Please cross out number in LISTS binder upon any sale.

Box# (Box, Box number). This denotes boxes. Each are marked with a corresponding number. #1-14 (and #25) are located against DIRECTIONAL wall. #15-32 are located next to workbench. #33-35 are located next to dresser. #36-41 are located against refrigerators.

Bin# (Storage Bin, Bin number) This denotes bins. Bins are defined as small plastic/shoe bins.