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I'm interested in ANY AND ALL MMA, Shootfighting/Shootboxing, or grappling tournament DVDs or VHS tapes. All eras, any organization, everything from dirt floors to to 91 thousand people in the Saitama Super Arena. I want it. Bold indicates that I am willing to upgrade to a complete/legitimate copy/replace damaged/stickered cover art. Also interested in any books. The first section (in bold) is DVD's I have duplicates of, I am willing to trade for anything I don't have.

EDIT!!!!!!! AS OF DECEMBER 23RD, 2018, I REFUSE TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP UNTILL ALL INVOLVED IN THE JON JONES STEROID HARBORING AND LAW CIRCUMVENTION SCANDAL HAVE REMOVED THEMSELVES FROM THE COMPANY. I WILL NO LONGER COLLECT, DEAL IN, OR ACCEPT ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEM. However, this only makes me more hungry to expand my non UFC MMA collection. Willing to trade for, or buy large lots of that. Also, looking for wrestling collectors to trade with. I know that often I come across Wrestling when gathering my collection via lot purchases, and vice versa for wrestling collecters. So I would be willing to swap the odds and ends wrestling shows I acquire for the MMA you do.

Extreme Fighting 1
Gladiator Challenge 1
KOTC 1-2 box set
KOTC 1-8 boxset
Rampage Birth of a Champion

My MMA Collection

Bodog FIGHT 1 To the Brink of War
Bodog FIGHT 2 USA vs Russia I

Elite XC 1 Destiny

Extreme Fighting 1
Extreme Fighting 2

Gladiator Challenge 1 Gladiator Challenge
Gladiator Challenge 2 Showdown at Soboba
Gladiator Challenge 3 Collision at Colusa
Gladiator Challenge 4 Rumble in the Rockies
Gladiator Challenge 5 Caged Beasts

HOOKnSHOOT Absolute Fighting Championships 1

International Fighting Championship 1 Kombat in Kiev
International Fighting Championship 2 Mayhem in Mississippi
International Fighting Championship 4 Akwesasane
International Fighting Championship 5 Battle in the Bayou

International Fighting Championship Fighter's Revenge

King of the Cage 1 The Beginning
King of the Cage 2 Desert Storm
King of the Cage 3 Knockout Nightmare
King of the Cage 4 Gladiators
King of the Cage 5 Cage Wars
King of the Cage 6 Road Warriors
King of the Cage 7 Wet and Wild
King of the Cage 8 Bombs Away
King of the Cage 31 Lethal Impact
King of the Cage 40 Relentless
King of the Cage 41 Buckeye Nuts
King of the Cage 46 Australia
King of the Cage 47 Uprising
King of the Cage 49 Soboba
King of the Cage 56 Calienete
King of the Cage 57 Mucho Machismo
King of the Cage 60 Xtreme Edge
King of the Cage 61 Flash Point
King of the Cage 63 Final Conflict
King of the Cage 64 Raging Bull
King of the Cage 65 Outlaws
King of the Cage 68 Battle at Ute Mountain
King of the Cage 69 Drop Zone
King of the Cage 70 The Return
King of the Cage 72 Heavy Hitters
King of the Cage 75 Mangler
King of the Cage 76 Australia II
King of the Cage 77 Shootout
King of the Cage 80 Meltdown
King of the Cage 81 BOOYAA
King of the Cage 83 Cyclone
King of the Cage 85 Hard Knocks
King of the Cage 86 Mass Destruction

King of the Cage Canada 2 Firestorm
King of the Cage Canada 3 Shock and Awe
King of the Cage Canada 4 Conquest

King of the Cage Singapore

PRIDE Fighting Championships 14 Clash of the Titans
PRIDE Fighting Championships 15 Raging Rumble
PRIDE Fighting Championships 16 Beasts From the East
PRIDE Fighting Championships 17 Championship Chaos
PRIDE Fighting Championships 20 Armed and Ready
PRIDE Fighting Championships 21 Demolition
PRIDE Fighting Championships 24 Cold Fury 3
PRIDE Fighting Championships Final Conflict 2005
PRIDE Fighting Championships Shockwave 2006

PRIDE Fighting Championships Bushido Vol. 1
PRIDE Fighting Championships Bushido Vol. 2
PRIDE Fighting Championships Bushido Vol. 3

Rumble on the Rock 4
Rumble on the Rock 5
Rumble on the Rock 6
Rumble on the Rock 7
Rumble on the Rock 8

Sport Fight 15 Tribute

Ultimate Athlete 1: The Genesis

World Extreme Fighting 17

World Fighting Alliance 2: The Lords of Mayhem

Chuck Liddell and Chad Millman: Iceman: My Fighting Life
Forrest Griffin and Erich Krauss: Got Fight?: The 50 Zen Principles of Hand-to-Face Combat
Forrest Griffin and Erich Krauss: Be Ready When the Sh*t Goes Down: A Survival Guide to the Apocalypse
Jonathan Snowden and Kendall Shields: The MMA Encyclopedia

Pokemon VHS- I am looking to complete a Series 1 VHS collection. The ones I have listed on my available tabs are duplicates. I am willing to let them go normally. If indicated with SWAP, I am willing to swap them for a copy with a better box as part of a larger deal. Once I complete it, I will be looking to upgrade all remaining tapes with factory sealed copies.