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      Angus, Ontario, CanadaCanada

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    Quote: "The most common mistake made by those designing something completely foolproof is underestimating the ingenuity of complete fools."

    Been off for a while but hoping to get back in.

    I'm interested mainly in PS3/PS4 (variety but mainly adventure, RPG's, some action), and handheld (Vita/3DS/DS) . Let make some swaps. I'll always answer any offer (answer may be no thanks but you never know). I am open to receiving digital codes for my wanted games.

    For the conditions I have listed...

    Excellent - I bought the game brand new and it's in excellent shape

    Very Good - Game is probably in excellent shape but I'm not it's first owner so the rating starts at very good and goes down from there as applicable or game has a few marks on it but plays no problem

    Good - the game/case/manual is worn but still plays fine

    If you don't have at least a silver star, expect to send first. If you are silver star or higher, I will probably have no problem sending same time, depending on your ratings of course. Anyone with a BTR will send first, I think that goes without saying.