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Quote: Do the Mario!


warning I am NOT currently seeking any Wii/Wii U/PS2/PS3/XBOX/Xbox 360/GC/DC/DS/3DS games or games considered retro. I love retro and older games, but I already have a lot as it is and I am currently seeking newer games for modern consoles. Please do not be offended if you make me a trade offer with any of these game types as I will probably not accept. I am currently seeking only the items that I have listed in my wanted section; however, If there is some other type of item you think I might be interested in trading for feel free to make an offer and I'll think about it. Aside from video games, I love tech and tech gadgets.

warning How do I value a trade? For the most part, I base the monetary value of games against Amazon and Ebay listings. I am fair and honest when trading and I expect the same in return. If you attempt to lowball me or outright rip me off you'll honestly be wasting your time and find that I quickly move on.

warning I only want to trade with those who are polite and respectful. If you are known for being difficult to trade with due to your personal behavior or if you are constantly negative and try to find reasons to complain, please avoid trading with me. I'm not here for drama and I'd rather lose out on a game trade than experience bitterness and trouble. I just want to simply trade video games and have fun in the process.

warning NO BEGGING/WHINERS PLEASE! - I've had a few traders on this site try to play the begging/whining card to get games from me. PLEASE STOP! Look, I really do feel bad for you since you were abandoned in a dark alley way and were raised by a bunch of bums that only gave you a half broken PS2 with old scratched up games that couldn't even be sold at a flea market. You're broke (of course), and really want that game I got in exchange for your oddly unique wangtonmon generic PS2 controller that works pretty well if you hold the cord a certain way! Of course, you would really appreciate if I could work something out with you and have a heart! Well I do have a heart; and a brain. If you are dealing with that much trouble in your life, you probably shouldn't be looking for used video games to play as I would assume you have bigger issues to deal with. You could always sell your computer and cancel your Internet access to get that cool game I've got and that you want so bad. So please, don't use that tactic on me!


- If I have more feedback, you send first

- If you have more feedback, I'll send first

- If you have a BTR, you must send first - No Exceptions

- If you want to make me a cash offer, you must pay first

My Want List Rank Scale:

A = I really want this game ASAP!

B = I would like to have this game.

C = I would like to eventually own this game, but I'm in no hurry.

D = I wouldn't mind having this game, but I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.