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    Interests: Computers, singing, soccer, baseball
    Likes: A star lit sky, rain, a soft snow...Ashley
    Dislikes: Men who have no respect for women and massively multiplayer RPG's.

    Quote: Second chances mean nothing, when nothing is learned from past mistakes.

    Hi, if you see anything you want but dont see something you have on my wanted list e-mail me anyway, give me your quick link and i'll see if theres something I want. I'll only buy stuff through Paypal.


    1- star= Easy to get from me.

    2- stars= Little harder to get from me cause i still play it some.

    3- stars= Really hard to get cause i love it!

    more than 3 stars= Good Luck

    I usually just put the quality of my stuff as good ,but all my stuff is in great shape. If it isn't I will let you know.