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Bad Trader Reports

Username: chnesbstrdhmslf
Aliases: Tony Mui KING69
Address: 827 Selmer RD, Philadelphia, PA 19116 his number is 1-215-677-3385

Status: active
Created: December 3, 2004 at 7:39am (EDT)
chnesbstrdhmslf has an old account a GameTZ under the name Tony Mui (which we think is his real name).
It has 2 old BTRs on it.

It looks like none of his current pendings have sent, so everyone is safe (kudos to you all for not sending first to a new user). Anyway, you should complete your trade with him if you get his side... If not, then cancel the trade.

We're not going to let this guy back... well, maybe if he clears up the old BTRs, but that doesn't seem likely.
Reported By: bill

Username: chnesbstrdhmslf
Aliases: AnthonySiffredi
Address: 827 Selmer RD Philadelphia, PA 19116

Status: active
Created: March 15, 2004 at 4:48pm (EDT)
Edited: December 5, 2004 at 7:27am (EDT)
This is what we agreed apon. I have sent my end of the rade. then I stopped hearing from him. I tried to E-Mail him 3 time warning him that I would file a BTR on the last E-Mail.he is no longer subscribed and I even gave him an extra week and in the message asked that he E-Mail me.I got no answer. and I have E-Mail'd other ppl from AOL so I knoe AOL works. I am almost positive that he got my package mainly cause all of my other trades went throught without a hitch.this trade has taken well over a month and a half now.
ssj8vegetunks gets:
1) Golden Axe (Genesis) [Condition: excellent; Box: N/A; Manual: N/A]
2) Road Rash II (Genesis) [Condition: excellent; Box: N/A; Manual: N/A]
3) Final Fantasy IX (PlayStation) [Condition: excellent; Box: yes; Manual: yes]
4) Import Converter -- ST-Key for Sega Saturn (Saturn) [Condition: excellent; Box: N/A; Manual: N/A]
5) $4

anthonysiffredi gets:
1) Armored Core 2: Another Age (PlayStation 2) [Condition: excellent; Box: yes; Manual: yes]
2) Dynasty Warriors 3 (PlayStation 2) [Condition: excellent; Box: yes; Manual: yes]
3) T-Shirt -- Spawn: Armageddon (other) [Condition: excellent; Box: N/A; Manual: N/A; Namco name on top left spawn Armegeddon pic on back]

here is the addy of the bad trader.
Anthony Siffredi
827 Selmer RD
Philadelphia, PA 19116
If he wants to resolve this ether send me my stuff back or send me what I traded for.and an E-Mail would be nice.

Reported By: ssj8vegetunks

Username: chnesbstrdhmslf
Aliases: King69
Address: 827 Selmer RD, Philadelphia, PA 19116 his number is 1-215-677-3385

Status: active
Created: October 14, 2001 at 12:00pm (EDT)
we agreed to send at same time over a month ago, so i sent out my side of the deal-ps2 and dreamcast demo disks. i have delivery confirmation on it so i know he got it. i emailed him many times and he wouldnt give me a strait responce. if i dont get my stuff within a week, i will file mail fraud charges against you.

it also seems this guy is stupid enough to send people cdr copies of games. when we were first making the deal for our trade, he game me his number- 1-215-677-3385 because he wanted to talk with me because he didnt want to trade first. so i agreed. in this conversation, he told me how he makes cdr copies of games, then sells them for money. he also told me in great detail how he goes about making ps2 cdr copies. he tried selling me copied games and modchips, but i declined and said i only wanted the original games we agreed to, and didnt want to get involved in illegal copies. so we then made out a deal to send at the same time, which obviously he did not. i have delivery confirmation among others things as proof to file for mail fraud.

one more thing, i should have noticed this earlier. look at his wanted list. among other things, his wants are -Any Dreamcast Games,Any Psx2 Game,Any Dvd's,{AND THE BIG ONES}-((( Any Psx Manuals, CD Jewel Cases
-i NEED THESE REALLY BAD...need like over 500 )))

that really explains it all

---this guy is a total loser. everytime i call him, his friend picks up, and i hear tony in the backround telling him to say hes either in the shower or not here. regardless, i filed for mail and internet fraud, so nobody trade with this loser

Reported By: Castlevania

Username: chnesbstrdhmslf
Aliases: King69
Address: 827 Selmer RD, Philadelphia, PA 19116

Status: active
Created: October 12, 2001 at 2:18pm (EDT)
He agreed to send me Snatcher Sega CD for my Dreamcast. Instead he sent me a CDR copy of snatcher. Now he ignores my emails. This guy is a liar and a crook! Never deal with him! I am going to call the police in his home town and report mail fraud if he doesnt respond to my emails. When I recieve Snatcher I will lift this Bad trade report.
Reported By: Crazy_Train

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