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    knoxville, Iowa, United StatesUnited States

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    on 15-Jun-2019 at 2:50am

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Interests: Horror games, PS1, and Japanese Imports!

When it comes to trading, if there is something you don't see in my wanted list still don't be afraid to ask me if I am interested in it. I will humor most trades as I just want to collect most everything and sell what I do not want to get what I do want!

I am attempting to collect as many complete boxed games as I can for any system so again. It never hurts to ask.

I am also more than happy to send pictures and proof of any game working (if able) if requested. as I also sell games on facebook and ebay and probably have photos anyway.

When trading if you offer up a sealed game most of the time I am going to open it as soon as I get it. The only time I leave games sealed is if I have no interest in them, or if I already have them. So I usually wont take a sealed games value in mind and just consider it in excellent condition. (no offense to collectors who keep things in the seal, just not my thing)


Im very hard pressed to keep what I have in my collection. but if you offer me something I really really want. I could possibly let go of pieces of my personal collection.
(before you ask I say good luck with anything Persona, Horror, or PS1 and NES in my collection)