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Bad Trader Reports

Username: Arievadechi

Status: active
Created: May 12, 2012 at 9:25am (EDT)
Made this user a graphic signature on April 10 for $10 PayPal. We both send on the same day and the trade was completed on April $10. Fast forward to today (May 12) and I receive an email from PayPal stating that the user has filed a charge back through the credit card used to pay. Now my account is Negative $10. I will take this down when I get my $10 PayPal back sent as a Gift so he can not try this again.

I told him that I was filing the BTR and he replied "Do it. I dont care. LOL."

Update - I have now apparently have been charge a additional $20 fee for "charge back settlement" by PayPal. So now I am out $30 instead of the original $10. I will remove this when I receive my $30 that I am out.

Reported By: JBel4331
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (4-Jun-2012)
I did tell this user that the payment methods on my account were cancelled, so the previous to charges that i made on them were filed for a cash-back. Now this user decided that he was cool, and went beyond my instruction to file this Bad Trade Report until later on this afternoon. I still have multiple trades to complete, so since he proceded with what he was going to do, he may never see that $10 until June 30th. So i hope you feel accomplished, because i still have about four trades to complete (:

Update - I am back on the site to resolve this situation, and apparently my parents wont do anything do solve this even though it is their faults for cancelling both credit cards. My PayPal wont let me send any money out. Not at all. I have tried several times. I have even told my parents about the charge back settlement, and they said they cannot do anything about it. I am still trying to get you the money for this, and also 1020chase, but my parents wont seem to help me out, so basically what im saying is that i am on my own. If you give me sometime, im pretty sure i will be able to get the $30, or reduce that charge.

Arievadechi Global Trader - willing to trade internationally BTRs

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