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Bad Trader Reports

Username: zombie_rot
Address: 2002 Wagon Gap Trail , Houston, TX 77090

Status: active
Created: April 7, 2005 at 9:40am (EDT)
We had agreed on a trade Feb-20, 2005. And he was to recieve my copy of Mr. Driller DS and I was suppose to get King of Fighters 2000/2001 for PS2. Since I was still building my trades, and he had more than me I would send first. I sent my items on Feb-21 and he recived it shortly after on March 7. To this day he has not sent me my item or has put any effort into making me feel that the situation is ok.

He was originally contacted on March 19 about send out my item, and I was told it would be out the next day. And nothing happened. Again he was contatced on March 28th to see what the problem was, and I was told there was no problem, and the item would be out the next day; again nothing. I also warned him that I would be filing this BTR and again nothing.

So after having 4 weeks to have sent out my item, nothing has been done, and I honestly feel that I have been ripped off. At this point all I want is my original game back if that is possible. So until I have received my original game that I sent or the item that was agreed upon in the trade, this BTR stands. If my item is ever received, I will remove this BTR, until then..................
Reported By: spongebob76
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (7-Apr-2005)
I am not going to try to refute any of what Tony has reported about me, except for his claim that I am trying to rip him off. Please believe me that it has never been my intention to rip anyone off and you are definitely not an exception. I know I have made empty promises in the past, but if you want Mr. Driller back I will send it and King of Fighters to you as soon as possible. I know I really screwed up this trade, but please understand me on this and know that you will get your stuff back. My most sincere apoligies for all of this and I hope you can gain my trust back at some point.

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