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Bad Trader Reports

Username: wilmagray

Status: active
Created: March 8, 2009 at 12:54am (EDT)
Edited: July 29, 2009 at 11:03pm (EDT)
I hate to do this as I am relatively new on here. However I feel as if I'm being ripped off.

On January 30th, 2009 we entered a pending trade. I received this message from Wilma Gray:

on 30-Jan-2009 at 4:36pm wilmagray Offer Accepted
ok, i'll take a few pics of both the super nintendos and let you choose which one you prefer. don't bother with delivery confirmation, as shipping can get really expensive, unless you really want to. usually airmail parcels make it here pretty fast unless they get delayed in customs. to ensure smooth delivery, please mark it off as a gift and put the value at $10-19 or so, to avoid duties and delays. Thanks.

on 7-Apr-2009 at 9:27pm Master_Prophet Look I've been nice through the whole trade process, up until it took you AN ENTIRE MONTH to send me my end of the bargain. I never even received the pictures in which I was to designate which Snes of yours I was getting. Instead you sent me a system that I don't even know if it works because I don't have the proper hook ups. Again you started the trade offer so you had ample time to read my rules on the front page bio of my little page, so YOU ARE accountable. Regardless, the BTR is remaining up and it is only fair in this offer that you send me back what is mine and then I will send you back what is yours. Until that happens, I will continue to press the issue. This whole deal has been nothing but shady on your end, and your lack of cooperation to return my items only makes it seem more arbitrary. Deep down I believe you fully knew that you were playing me on this offer but not mentioning hook ups and the controller, but regardless of that it doesn't really matter. What matters is that for you to continue on this site and be warranted as a good trader, you need to do the following and either return my stuff or pay me the value of items that you can't return. Until that happens, I'm personally making it my business to seek out that every end I can to see that I get my stuff back or you send me some sort of cord to hook this system up.

You also mentioned if the system doesn't work just blow in it. Yeah, seriously? Do you think I'm that stupid? Again it says all over my bio systems must be working and complete. Look I'm not asking for a game or something here, I'm asking for what comes with the system and if your system was incomplete that should have been made known.

Anyways, the more you press the issue the longer this BTR is going to get on your page. I just hope you have enough sense to make good on your end here.

The deal is as follows: I sent Dracula Origin (Pc), Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (Pc), and my Final Fantasy VIII (Ps1) for their Super Nintendo.

On February 5th I sent off my end of the deal, as I was to send first, and did everything I was supposed to do according to the above message. Then nothing for two weeks. Finally on February 16th I sent this message:

on 16-Feb-2009 at 1:16am Master_Prophet Hey I'm just wondering if your items got to you yet? Not sure how long it'll take because of the border deal...

Still nothing. No response, just silence.

Finally February 24th Wilma marked as received. They ignored to respond to my message and didn't mark as if they had sent my end of the deal. I've tried to email them through gmail, and no luck. It is now March 7th, and I have no word on if my end of the bargain has been sent. I'm a patient man, but at this point I feel that this is just very unprofessional. I go above and beyond on here to make sure those I trade with know everything about their package and when it should arrive, and I just feel I'm getting shafted here. I also saw someone else has also reported a BTR against Wilma today.

I'll remove this BTR as soon as I receive my Super Nintendo and I test to make sure it works properly, or my items are sent back to me. I just want this issue resolved as soon as possible.

Update: April 7th, 2009:

on 7-Apr-2009 at 2:06pm Master_Prophet Just letting you know that I have contacted the mods at this website to let them know about what's going on. You've also successfully made my list of bad traders. I hate doing this being new here, but you knew what my terms were going in and you failed to deliver a complete package.
on 7-Apr-2009 at 3:27am wilmagray Quite frankly my dear friend, I will have to say, kiss my ass.

The fact is, that is what we agreed on. I will not apologize for the delay anymore, but I won't be bothered to waste shipping money so that you can change your mind. See through the messages, and find me where it was mentioned or asked or agreed upon where the hookups will be included? I can see how you might not be happy, but I've been trading online for a while, and if you're not sure of something, you should ask before accepting. I try to be as honest as I can, and because you decide that, hey, I want hookups with the system now that you've received it, I will not be out shipping costs, nor will I take your ultimatum.

Contact the mods, do what you will, the deal is done in my opinion, and if you're not happy, keep the btr up. I've been nice and apologized over and over, but I will not be having this conversation again unless you find it mentioned in any underlying conversations prior to this deal going sour.
on 7-Apr-2009 at 2:09am Master_Prophet Alright...this is where things become unfortunately rough. I may have never clearly defined in the offer as if "hook ups" where involved, but I'm pretty sure I asked if the controller was included. The fact that you added that as a "bonus", is frankly a complete rip off to me. It isn't even an official Super Nintendo controller, but one of the cheap knock off brands. A system with no hook ups does me absolutely no good at this point. No offense, but this is a complete rip of a deal to me and I'm going to be asking that you send my end of the deal back and then I will be sending your super nintendo back. I'm not taking down the BTR until I receive the items I traded with you back and that's final on that. This trade went through on January 30th and it's now April 7th and I'm still dealing with this. I sent out my end of the deal as fast as I could, and you marked as received, then you didn't even bother to log into this site for over a month, and now I get an incomplete package. It says all over my main page that I'm only interested in systems that come complete (complete = original controller or at least first party brand, all working connections, and the system must actually work). I sent you three items that are a total value of around $50 dollars, and in return I've recieved a system that I can't even test to see if it works because it has no hook ups, and a non-original controller which apparently you state I only received because of the "long delay" in getting my end of the deal to me. I'll be contacting the mods that run this site about this faulty deal and I can only hope that you will at least agree to send me back my items. Once that is done, I will remove the BTR to you as well. I'm also adding all this into the BTR because frankly I was giving no actual excuse as to why you took so long to send the item, and you've sent me an incomplete trade. I guess contact me again when you have my items shipped out and on route back to me.

Also, if for some reason you do not have the items anymore I ask that you send the appropriate amount of money for each item that was in this deal, that being the following: Dracula: Origin = $20, Final Fantasy 8 = $20, Star Wars: Jedi Knight Jedi Academy = $10.
on 7-Apr-2009 at 2:01am wilmagray I do apologize for the wait, and do appreciate your patience. I just got off the computer for a while, and completely forgot about this. I hope that doesn't skew your view of trading in the future, and do apologize for not being able to include the cords free of charge. I wish I could, but my system would be compromised.
on 7-Apr-2009 at 1:56am wilmagray Glad you received it, but no, I only have one pair of hookups, and they are a safety hazard (power supply is broken in half with the inner parts coming out, unsafe with kids, otherwise, still works), but we did agree on only the system, or never mentioned the cords themselves anywhere that I checked. I don't want to play semantics here, but shipping another package would be another $10, and I threw in a controller for you. I know you might have assumed the hookups come with the system itself, but they didn't. I know down in the states, there are many used stores, and you can get cords for a few dollars. The ones I bought cost me $15 with shipping, and were a rip, and only had one pair amongst 2 systems.

I don't mind if you think that for some reason, I ripped you off and leave the btr up, but in my mind, I'm clear. I wish I could help you, but I still have the other system that I need to power up.

P.S: Haven't played it for a while, if for some reason, it doesn't work, blow on the part where the game cartridge fits. Might be a little dusty. Thanks.
on 6-Apr-2009 at 3:15pm Master_Prophet I received the system today...I'm confused as I'm missing the hook up cords for the system. All I have are a controller and the system itself. This doesn't do me much of any good as I can't even play the system. Is there another package coming?
on 5-Apr-2009 at 12:29am wilmagray please let me know when you receive it. I do apologize for the wait, and hope you're satisfied when the package arrives.
on 1-Apr-2009 at 9:42pm wilmagray I sent on 1-Apr-2009.
right on schedule, will be sending tomorrow.
on 1-Apr-2009 at 1:40am wilmagray Just to let you know, I haven't forgotten, really sorry about the delay, but your package should and will be underway by Thursday at the latest.
on 22-Mar-2009 at 6:31pm wilmagray hey, i'm sorry for not sending, hard to explain why, so i won't bother, just know i will send, with a bonus too, can't make up the delay otherwise, sorry again, not here to rip anyone off

The bonus I received was a third party knock off controller that should have come with the system already. I also did not receive any hook ups with the system, and it clearly states on my bio page that all systems traded with me must come as complete (complete = hook ups, system, 1 controller). The reason i have a problem here is that I was lead to believe I was getting a super nintendo that was in good condition. I've also been informed that this system could possibly have some sort of fire/safety hazard.

As I've stated to the user, will take down this BTR only when I either a) receive my items back and I send her items back, or b) I receive some sort of cash payment for items that are not able to be returned. Some people have fast turn around with traded games on this site, and I understand that, but I'm just hoping that Wilmagray has enough sense here to make good on her end. The deal has been nothing but shady from the start, and all I want are my items back to me.

Update: More info from this lady...and she just gets more and more vocal about it:

UPDATE: More info from this lady:

on 8-Apr-2009 at 12:18am wilmagray False, I hate people that make assumptions, and than press the other person to make good on their inadequate assumption. You got what you pressed for initially, though it took a long time, I didn't jet lag this trade into uncompletion. Instead, I apologized and sent my end. Now you feel it isn't satisfactory. Well, you know what, you deal with it. Next time, maybe you will be a little more cautious and ask of all the details up front. I did not have to make it known it came without, it was your duty to check if it came with. That's my final verdict, and since you're being an butt-hole about it, you can rim job my anus.

Simple as that. I know what it takes to make the other person happy, but obviously, you seem hard headed about concluding it your way, and I seem hard headed about what this deal initially meant, and have apologized for the delay. See ya.

Update: April 9th, 2009: The mods have been contacted and are working with me to resolve this issue.

Update: July 29th, 2009: After almost four months of silence, Wilmagrey has posted a response below. The problem is, I am still not removing this BTR, until either the cords are sent to me, or the items are returned to me. I honestly could care less if it costs this person more money to correct their mistake, because in the long run it will cost me money as well. In this case, it should be noted that the correct course of action has still not been taken. And it has always been posted on my personal page that all systems traded with me have to be a complete package. Again if you go to any game store to trade a system in, it has to be complete. I don't understand why this is still an issue on here, but I'm not arguing about it anymore. The deal is simple: return my items or send me the cords to get the system to work. If that's not something your willing to do, then the BTR will remain.

FURTHER UPDATE: July 29th, 2009: The war between myself and Wilmagrey continues as I continue to get private messages about how she is unwilling to make good on the trade offer. The mods have once again been notified, but at this point it's no use since I've been informed that the items that were sent to Wilmagrey are no longer in her possession. So I guess the morale of this story is that always make sure that what your trading on here appears to be what your getting, because it is possible to get ripped off. I would like to see some sort of reimbursement at this point for the items I've lost, but I think I'm not alone in agreeing that the day that happens will not ever come. The BTR is remains until Wilmagrey agree's to send me the proper amount of money (cash only) in exchange for the items lost. At that point, and only at that point, will I return the Super Nintendo that was sent to me in an incomplete package.


Side Note:

Until this is resolved, I'm officially labeling Wilmagrey as a scam artist, and I hope that anyone that reads this BTR not only realizes that they should not trade with this person, but that they should take this as an example of how extreme someone will take things to cover up there mistake. As I've said before when you go to trade a system in at Gamestop or whatever, you must have ALL HOOK UPS. What the hell was I supposed to do with an incomplete system? Seriously? And a SNES is quite old now; it is much harder to find the cords for them. I also fail to understand how it would have cost Wilmagrey more by sending those items. I'd also like to point out that I was originally supposed to have been sent two pictures of two different snes systems so that I could choose, which also never happened. I also was dicked around for two months not knowing if I'd ever receive the item. I'm glad they lived up to their end partially, but again a system with no cords does me no good, and the mods on here have already sided with me on this situation. The BTR stays until I'm reimbursed or sent the cords.

Reported By: Master_Prophet
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (29-Jul-2009)
Understandable I reacted immaturely, as did this trader. I never promised a complete system, just a system. I included some free stuff, either a game, controller, both, don't remember anymore. The buyer assumed it's a complete system, and no conclusion was reached. He ordered the cords. I will not be out more shipping and buy the cords, which were never promised. It's like sending a cd only of a game when it says n/a beside the box and manual, and than demanding the rest because n/a could have meant anything. If this immature btr stales my trading on here, so be it.

The extras were put on here due to the delay. For that, I apologized and sent something extra to 3 traders. Only one btr was received and the reason is simply above it, he ASSUMED the cords were coming with the system.

Just to get a glimpse of how many hairs you'd pull out with this guy, here's a glimpse of the conversation we just had:

on 29-Jul-2009 at 10:45pm Master_Prophet I will tell you that despite what you may think, every time you send me a message, it's getting added to the BTR. So unlike what you think, your really not having the last word.

on 29-Jul-2009 at 10:16pm wilmagray Glad to hear it. I'm kind of ticked. It's a mini essay when you get on my page, but regardless, I don't even have those games anymore. I don't keep things for years usually, and so, that isn't going to happen. The mods aren't the judge on the subject, and you calling it shady is your own immaturity. It's called marketing. You don't have to tell the whole story. Something you should have thought about or inquired before the soap that was in the $2 bin scanned in at $3.33 as only the misty mint and homey lemon are on sale.
I might have not given the full scoop, but I was not inclined to, that was your duty. Verbally, I have given all that was promised.
Rather than bicker back and forth, I'm glad you took initiative to say upfront this conversation is done. I just have to get the last word in.

on 29-Jul-2009 at 9:55pm Master_Prophet LOL. You obviously care about your BTR or you wouldn't be complaining to me about it four months later, after your "extended vacation" from this website. The mods were also in agreement with me, if I remember correctly, that what you sent me was what I would call "not as advertised". You did not tell me upfront that the system was incomplete, there for you were not entirely honest about the trade. Hell I don't even care about the other two games, but Final Fantasy VIII happens to be quite a prize possession of mine, one that's now gone thanks to a shady trade deal on this website. But regardless, you made bad on the trade so it's your obligation to make good on it, and since that's been deemed "not worthy" for you to admit to and or do, the BTR remains.
I'm also not responding to anymore of your little messages unless they involve setting up an exchange to get my items back here and your items back there. I'm done wasting my time with this crap.

I'm done here. Just to get a little prose across of just why I couldn't even want to try, even a little, to fix this for his sake, and for this damn essay on my page.

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