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    on 18-Feb-2020 at 3:24am

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Trade Date/Time: 21-Jan-2020 3:37pm

sinnie sends:
Games: Wii U > Bayonetta 2 > > PS4 > Assassin's Creed Syndicate > The Evil Within 2 > Tales from the Borderlands > > Switch > Lego Jurassic World > Version 2 VR PS4 bundle complete with all hookups, camera, 2 motion controls, ear buds > (sealed and unused) original boxes, inner and outer packaging and manuals. > Games: > The Inpatient > VR demo disk 2.0 (sealed) > Skyrim VR > Resident Evil Biohazard > Playstation Worlds > Rush of Blood

whitefire sends:
$265 F&F Paypal

not sent, not received sinnie
not sent, not received whitefire

Canceled: 21-Jan-2020 7:26pm by whitefire

whitefire's reason for canceling this trade:
Sorry. This was super impulsive. It was such a great deal, but I shouldn't have jumped on it. I already owe someone else $120 from a miscalculation on here. I shouldn't be getting this.

I'm sorry. I owe you one! Feel free to reply. I deserve the cancelled trade. You'll probably hate me now. frown

sinnie's response:
Yeah buddy, that is rather annoying. I don't hate you but I really needed that today wry smile

Trade Date/Time: 4-Sep-2019 8:25pm

BigNasty sends:
SNES -- Classic Edition (Super Nintendo), System has never been used. Box has been opened before.

whitefire sends:
$75 shipped

not sent, not received BigNasty
not sent, not received whitefire

Canceled: 5-Sep-2019 12:01am by whitefire

whitefire's reason for canceling this trade:
Sorry. I just found out the SNES games are coming to Online on the Switch. I won't need this.

BigNasty's response: