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wanderain Global Trader - willing to trade internationally Has Written 9 Reviews Canada

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      Saskatchewan, CanadaCanada

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      on 27-Jun-2012 at 1:05pm

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      Selling my NES collection

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    Interests: Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, and my two sons (not the old show)
    Likes: Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, Karakuri, collecting
    Dislikes: Disk many of these do you throw out vs. cartridges? Exactly.

    Quote: Brains...BRAINS!!!

    I am currently selling my entire collection of NES games. I will be moving on to my NES accessory collection and the SNES collection soon.

    I check out http://www.videogame... for 90 day price trends of all games...if the deal is skewed too much in one direction I will not consider it. I only use VGPC as a guide since those prices are sometimes off as well. Rarity does play a role in value and I will gladly consider the rarity of an item in the valuation.


    First trade: Zacharium completed May 31st, 2010.
    Bronze Star: Mantixero completed July 19, 2010
    Silver Star: classicrock909 February 14, 2011
    Gold Star: lpeters82 April 11, 2011