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Bad Trader Reports

Username: tony9919

Status: active
Created: October 11, 2002 at 3:20pm (EDT)
A few months ago me and tony agreed to trade $8 for starcraft. I know $8 is'nt much but i don't wanna get ripped off. So i sent him the $8 right away, i waited a long time and he said that if i did'nt get the first one he'd send another right away. But i did'nt get the second one either. A couple other people also were having problems with tony and since i hav'nt got starcraft yet i think i got ripped off.
I will take this btr down as soon as i get starcraft or my money.
Reported By: Maximus

Username: tony9919

Status: active
Created: October 8, 2002 at 7:34pm (EDT)
Tony and I agreed to trade a cart only Super Dodgeball Advance for a cart only Lady Sia which he had unlisted. Since he was a gold star I agreed to send first, and he let me know that he recieved on September 13th. He sent me an email on Sept 21st responding to an inquiry saying that he had sent to me the previous Monday, which was the 16th. Since then, he keeps telling me to wait and see if it shows up, but it has been almost a month now since he sent. Until last week he was responsive to my emails, but offered no new information.

I'll take this down when I get Super Dodgeball Advance back in the condition I sent it, or Lady Sia.
Reported By: blackman

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