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    North Carolina, United StatesUnited States

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Interests: ATV's, hot peppers, kicking back at a beach with the perfect margarita
Likes: Good trades, long weekends, and stuff that's bad for me
Dislikes: Stupid trade offers, traffic jams, stuff that's good for me

Quote: Deep down I'm really very shallow.

Welcome to my GameTZ page.

If I have it on my list then I do want it... at least a little. But just because its there doesn't mean I'll give just anything for it. Some things I only have a slight interest in and won't necessarily trade much for them. So if I turn down an offer thats fair as far as price don't be all mad and stuff wink, I probably just don't want it that bad or I already played it and just thought it might be cool to play again if the right deal came up.

check I think my rating speaks for itself so please don't expect me to send first. Even if you have a higher star than me, I think at this point I've proved myself as an honest trader and shipping at the same time shouldn't be a problem.
check If you don't have many trades I'll probably ask you to send first unless we've traded before or something
check BTR's send first no matter what.
check Please use delivery confirmation. If an item doesn't arrive that was supposedly mailed and there is no tracking number its your problem not mine. Either send another one or send my stuff back.
check I mainly just want to trade within the US and Canada but I don't mind trading internationally if its a big enough trade. From now on I'll have to pass on paying $9 to send a $10 game overseas though. If you are buying something from outside the U. S. thats fine as long as you'll pay the shipping.
check I am mostly using first class to send unless there are multiple items. It's not worth the extra $3 to ship just one item via priority to save maybe a day.

What I like to play.
I'd like to have something from each of these, but unless its high up on the list, one or two of the best ones from that genre is all I really want at a time.

yes <= = = = = == = == = == = => no

Action RPG

Extreme Sports