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Username: mysticalcat

Status: active
Created: September 17, 2002 at 3:52pm (EDT)
I recently made a trade with mysticalcat (Cathleen Caffery). We traded my Schizm and her Longest Journey. She received my game in perfect condition, box and manual included. Later I received her game, which she shipped in a padded envelope that was not damaged. When I opened it to get the game out, I noticed it was in a DVD style plastic case that had a 1" hole on the back of it that went through to the last CD and scratched it. It looked as if something heavy and pointed dropped on it. Now I didn't complain to her that it came in a DVD style case and not the box, like she had listed. It did come sealed as she said. This damage had to have happened before she shipped it to me, because as I said there was no damage to the padded envelope. When I sent her an email, she basically didn't care and insisted it was not damaged. I suggested that since she had 3 other Longest Journeys listed on her available, that I send this game back (so she could see the damage) and that she send me another one. She replied that she really only has 1 Longest Journey and that she doesn't give refunds for perfectly new games. Then I emailed her and suggested that I choose another one of her games or she could send my game back and I would send her damaged game back that I received from her. The next thing I know is she deletes our trade and won't reply anymore to my emails. She received my game as said in perfect condition with box and manual included. I received a damaged game in a DVD style case (not a box as described on her available). She doesn't even want to try to work this trade out. She insists its not damaged. I had traded this game as a birthday gift to give a friend of mine. That's why I wanted it new and sealed.....but not damaged.
Here is her last reply to me.

There is nothing to work out. You can install the game and use it as you choose. If you choose not to use the game because the box is not perfect that is up to you. I already went over this with you. Are deal is done and are communication is done!


MY reply to her:

Evidently we are not reading my emails correctly. First of all it didn't come in a BOX, it came in a DVD STYLE CASE. Yes, on your available list it DID say BOX. I didn't complain about that. I traded you for this game (new & sealed) as a birthday gift for a friend. Wouldn't you prefer to receive a gift in great condition and not DAMAGED. What good would the game be to her if the case is damaged so badly that it even scratched the last CD. All I can say is KARMA will come back to you. I guess in your bio, "QUOTE", see below what you said:

I believe in Karma( or what comes around goes around). So I always treat people how I would like to be treated. You will always find what I post to be the truth.I look forward to trading and selling with everyone!

Live and learn.....

Note: She had deleted our trade before replying to my last few emails.

I hated to file a BTR, but I don't want this to happen again to another person.

Reported By: sqrllover

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