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Bad Trader Reports

Username: mlbete

Status: active
Created: August 22, 2006 at 7:57pm (EDT)
Ok...well....I figured that it was a mail problem for a long time. When I was sending the two games to her (two dot hack games), I saw how wacky it is sending things to panama. They don't have alot of the mail services that we have (express, priority, tracking, etc...). But now I see that I got the shaft. It is odd that someone with a good history would just snap and start to scam people out of the blue. But hey, they are old games that I won't miss much, I sure would have liked to have gotten that need for speed game though.

But hey, karma will get her back. Just like in the show "My name is Earl"
Reported By: bugzzzy

Username: mlbete

Status: active
Created: August 22, 2006 at 7:02am (EDT)
Alright time for me to join the club. Sent SSX 3 to Teresa on Jul. 14. I also got the infamous I sent message on July 23. I figured it would take a while to get back to the states but it is now one day short of a month. I have also tried to contact Teresa with no results. The weird thing I noticed is she never marked the game I sent to her as received. Why send her side out if she never received? I honestly figured the game was lost in the mail and was gonna chalk this up to bad luck, but now I see three people all made a trade with her at the same time and all supposedly had there games sent on the same day. I actually agreed to this trade not realizing she was in panama and didn't cancel it because I didn't want to have a canceled trade on my record. Should have just canceled it, so now instead of having a canceled trade I'm out of a brand new game and the cost of shipping. BTR will be removed when I get Kingdom hearts back or SSX 3 plus my shipping costs.
Reported By: rjpadin

Username: mlbete

Status: active
Created: August 22, 2006 at 2:34am (EDT)
Oh man this isn't good, this user had a good user record and it looked safe to trade with her. I have waited A Month and a half debating should I report her or not, Even the gametz moderators told me to hold on the bad trade report.......but I see it has come to this at the end. She basically ripped me off on 2 games. Like the other user that reported her says, she didn't log in since July the 27. I tried to get in contact with her but had no respond back what so ever. Emailed the GameTZ moderators and got told to hold on, but here we are. Do not get fooled and trade with her. I"ve put down the trade History messages between us. I did my part.

on 17-Aug-2006 at 1:51am
Elbasha Still waiting to hear from you Mlbete, u haven't logged in since July the 27. This is taking way too long, I sent over a month ago with the ppl at the post office stating that you'll get the games with in 7-10 business day. Please contact me soon give me an update.

on 29-Jul-2006 at 7:53am
Elbasha U haven't got anything yet Mlbete??? this is taking too long.

on 23-Jul-2006 at 7:52am
Elbasha thanks for sending, but did u get the games or what???

on 23-Jul-2006 at 5:01am
mlbete I sent on 23-Jul-2006.

on 22-Jul-2006 at 1:14am
Elbasha Wow this is taking a long time, sorry for that. I sent it the same day we agreed on the deal. Does it always take this long coming to you???

on 6-Jul-2006 at 7:16pm
Elbasha I sent on 6-Jul-2006.
Alright, I've sent already Mlbete. U should get it within 7-10 business days.
Reported By: Elbasha

Username: mlbete

Status: active
Created: August 22, 2006 at 12:07am (EDT)
mlbete and I agreed to a deal on July 6: my Spyro, Viewtiful Joe 2, and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for her Super Mario Strikers. I happily mailed out on July 8 b/c I had much lower feedback than she had. I felt pretty confident about the deal when I received an e-mail saying that she mailed out on July 23, which is, suspiciously, the same date that she supposedly mailed out PRMega's trade. 4 weeks later, still no SMStrikers and no contact has been reciprocated by Teresa. As with PRMega, I feel that I have been more than patient with this situation. Maybe there is a logical explanation for this, maybe she has been away from home for the last month of so. Who knows? I just want my Super Mario Strikers game. I just don't understand why someone with well over 100 feedback would all of a sudden give 2 traders the shaft. I will gladly rescind this BTR if I should ever receive my game.
Reported By: apgtchr

Username: mlbete

Status: active
Created: August 21, 2006 at 11:25pm (EDT)
This trade was accepted on July 7th. I sent (with delivery confirmation) on July 10th. I did not hear from the trader again until July 23, when she claims to have sent. I have sent several messages, but the user's last log on was July 27th. It is now August 21st, and I have not received, nor have I gotten any sort of response from the user. I feel I have given a fair chance for a reply, but I am still without my game, and I have not been offered any explanation.
Reported By: PredatorRanger

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