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Username: jonathonwillie

Status: active
Created: August 8, 2007 at 7:50pm (EDT)
The offer was PSP bundle - 512 mb mem stick + 1gb mem stick + joe dirt umd movie
FOR irirver pmc 120, $150. I sent first as agreed, and while it was being shipped my account was susped because of a btr with a guy over a dvd and he was on vacation for a long time so he never removed it. while my account was suspended jonathon recieved even though it is it not marked. he later told me that he sold the iriver and bough a psp with the money. he said that i would have to pay to have him ship my stuff back here and i wanted shipping money because he messed up the trade. he now claims he gots the iriver back and has the money but will not send because he thought he was getting 3 memory sticks (in the offer i said -(minus 512mb and + 1gb) i sent him a 2gb instead of the 1gb. i told him if he would rather have the 1gb to send the 2gb back and i could send the 1. he never aswered. he also said medal of honor broke in the mail i said that i will replace it with some of the $150 after i get the $150. he said "NO". he told me the games were not in mint condition because of stickers on a few of the cases (they are the stickers that came on the games_like price tags or what ever) and i would like all my stuff back and shipping $ or the iriver and money and i will replace the broken game with the money.
Reported By: walleyemaster
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (9-Aug-2007)
on 8-Jul-2007 at 7:08pm walleyemaster i will give you the 2gb mem stick if you let me keap NFL STREET 3 "my friend wants it"

your items are not in mint condition and do not work excellent and you are missing stuff.

and i only said "no", not "NO"....the lies continue.

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