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Username: idnno

Status: active
Created: March 12, 2011 at 8:33am (EDT)
Pat and I pended our trade on 10-27-2010, my sealed Vanquish for his sealed Star Wars Force Unleashed 2. On December 7th he posted asking me if I had received, and what should have been my first clue this was going to go bad, he did not mention or even ask about Vanquish. I replied that I had not received yet, but with it being the holidays and all I was not concerned. That message on the 7th was the last I have heard from him, and right about that time the link to his PSN ID disappeared from his page. I have sent him 4 messages on here and at least as many direct e-mails with no response. It now seems obvious that he never sent and had no intention of sending. I will remove this BTR when I receive either my sealed copy of Vanquish back or the promised sealed copy of Star Wars Force Unleashed 2.
Reported By: sk8rjason

Username: idnno

Status: active
Created: February 14, 2011 at 7:23pm (EDT)
User hasn't really communicated with me at all since we pended early January.. after several weeks he finally marked as received and told me he'd be sending me his payment (paypal) "very shortly".. almost a month later he still hasn't sent the money or made any attempt to contact me. Just looking for my payment as agreed upon and this will be removed.
Reported By: Rahful

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