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Username: badmoonrisingg
Aliases: D. White
Address: 72 Hamilton Park Apt. C-1 Columbus, OH 43203

Status: active
Created: June 1, 2010 at 4:09pm (EST)
badmoonrisingg and I pended a trade on April 2 for his 2 clear ps3 charge cables and 2 ds screen protectors in exchange for $4 + shipping (total $5.70) I sent the money via paypal gifted to his email on April 5th which he marked as received on the same day. A few days passed and he marked as sent on April 9th. It is now June 1st and I have yet to receive or have any contact since with badmoonrisingg. I have been extermely understanding due to his page saying that he was in the middle of moving and I know how crazy that can be. But enough is enough. I first messaged him on April 21st reading "Any idea when ill receive?" No reply. Several weeks later i messaged again on May 14th "This has been ridiculous wheres my stuff? Its been over a month and i haven't heard anything. Please dont have me file a BTR over $5." Still no answer. On March 29th i decided to give him one last shot and i emailed him at the paypal address i sent to. This time I said "Hey its jacobm from Gametz. I've had problems with our still pending trade and have tried to contact you a few times on the web site. I was going to file a BTR today but saw your email and thought I'd give this a shot. Please get back to me. Thanks" I also notified him via trade message that i emailed him. Yet it is June 1st and I still haven't heard anything. I would just like my money back as I went ahead and purchased the items locally because I couldn't wait any longer.
Reported By: jacobm

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