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Username: airclaw

Status: active
Created: July 25, 2008 at 8:32pm (EDT)
On June the 6th we agreed to the trade of my $44 MO for his iPod Nano (2nd Gen, 4 GB, Silver, "works like mint."). Because his recent ratings have said he's been slow, we agreed that I would ship out the MO as soon as he gave me an active DC#. On June the 17th he gave me a DC#, that at the time had said "accepted" at his post office, but later turned out to be fake. I shipped later that afternoon (the 17th). On the 19th he gave me the real DC#, apologizing for the mix up (but there was no mix up, he sent them 2 days apart wry smile). On the 21st I received an iPod. It wasn't the Nano, however, but a dented, scratched up, Ipod Mini with a bleeding screen. Later that day he agreed to send me a full refund. He didn't respond until the 27th, but only to tell me that he didn't have Paypal and would send a MO to me. I have not heard from him since.
Reported By: NS_Talon

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