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Visc Global Trader - willing to trade internationally

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      .., United StatesUnited States

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      on 15-Dec-2014 at 2:31pm

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      Trade, Buy or Sell

    Likes: Equality
    Dislikes: Bill, GameTZ's intolerant, homophobic christians, femoral hip fractures.


    Just a few notes for those who want to pend a deal with me in the future:

    1. If you expect me to pay you first in a transaction, I will not gift you paypal funds. Gifted paypal removes any form of buyer protection from the equation, and I will not be SOL if I get something broken in the mail because you want to save 9 cents.

    2. If you still expect to be paid with gifted payal, you are sending first, end of story. I don't care what your feedback is, I don't care how high the cost is, if you expect me to sacrifice my buyer protection so you can save pocket change, you're going to make up for it yourself, and that's by making sure it gets to me safely before you get your money.

    3. Freebie forum transactions are the exception to #'s 1 and 2. Since there is no profit being made on either end, and you're just reimbursing the other person for the cost to ship. I have no problem making sure you aren't losing money in the process via paypal's fees. I expect the same courtesy when getting something from me via the freebie forum as well.

    4. If you say "I can get _ for $_ from amazon/ebay" or anything similar when sending me an offer, I'm going to decline it right off the bat. It's annoying, and I don't compete with either site.

    5. I will under no circumstances, ever, accept subtime in a transaction. I don't want that waste of money, and frankly, Bill doesn't deserve the help.

    More will be added as they are needed.

    rykerrk - otherwise known as the most annoying person on the site
    SuperMetalerox (scammer)
    RiseAgainst540 aka TheBruce
    venturesagogo, aka Simon_Belmont - Known stalker. Give out people's personal information. Hateful butt-hole.
    JeshK5 (internet tough guy)
    classicrock909 (an empty BOX is not worth $25+)

    People I don't miss at all:
    icemanxp300 (quit the site)
    pyramid_party (permabanned, good riddance)
    Scion (permabanned, good riddance)