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Interests: Wrestling, Music, Survivor, video games


At the moment I'm looking to sell and trade more than buy, but I'll still accept buying offers if I think it's a good deal. Also, I tend to follow the basic rule that I'll send first if you have more trades, at the same time if we have the same number of trades, and after you if you have less.

As well, I tend to try and make my trades as fair as possible, and I do tend to know what a lot of my listed games are worth (in other words, don't try to trade me a PSX memory card for Final Fantasy 2/IV, you get the idea). If you treat me with some sort of respect in the offer and communication, I'll do the same in return, it's just common courtesy.

When trading, I tend to send by standard mail to wherever the location is, and I tend to send the games in a bubblewrap envelope. I have some wrestling DVDs and tapes as well, so message me if you want more information.

Also, it should be noted that as a general rule, things in my collection are purely for helping me keep track or inventory, and that it's going to take something insanely good for me to consider trading or selling something in there away. If something in there has the value of "NFS/T" that means "Not for sale or trade" and that, put bluntly, I'm just flat out not parting with it, period.

Currently I'm looking for PS1, and PS2 RPGs. The main ones I'm seeking out being:

.Hack series (Quarantine, and the Rebirth Trilogy)
Xenosaga 2-3
Parasite Eve 1 and 2
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (PS1)