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      Starke, Florida, United StatesUnited States

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      Magic The Gathering Cards, Movies, Xbox 360, Xbox, Ps1, DS, Wii, PC

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    Interests: Games, death metal,southern metal,cars/trucks,moding systems,computers,hot girls
    Likes: working on cars/trucks,moding systems, building pc's,and playn games =)
    Dislikes: obama

    Quote: Crack is wack, pot is not

    25-Mar-2010 12:20am <Sl33p3r>mirc sux balls
    25-Mar-2010 12:20am <Sl33p3r>it dissconnects me every 2 min
    25-Mar-2010 12:21am <Neko>i think mirc is racist
    25-Mar-2010 12:21am <Sl33p3r>im white
    25-Mar-2010 12:21am <Sl33p3r>is mirc white?

    8-May-2010 11:52am SaosiNH slaps BoB's ass

    [00:06] <Sl33p3r> ryo is a queer
    [00:06] <Sl33p3r> he keeps asking to see my sack
    [00:06] <RyoHazuki> i was just saying it