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Username: NGE_Freek

Status: active
Created: February 25, 2008 at 1:27am (EDT)

Andrew and I traded a while back years ago and I guess we came up with a trade on February the 6th and during that week agreed to send that Friday. It's February 26th now and I haven't heard from Andrew yet, regardless of the fact that I have e-mailed him and msging him a number of times asking him whats going on.

Anyways no reply, the last I noticed him logging on was February 12 and even before this I had e-mailed him to confirm if he had shipped or not.

I'm pretty cool if you can't make it out on time or anything but communication is key, it's not cool to leave some one hanging like that and I guess I'm pretty upset.

We've traded before and this lack of communication I feel is disrespectful to me and to other traders as well.

So Andrew if you can't make it to the Post office on time thats cool, just let me know about it. I would like to be kept up to date at least of what is going on.

This BTR won't go down until my end of the deal has been received or the items I ship out is returned.

Reported By: Shelcoof

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