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Username: KillaByNatur3
Address: 8044 Zoe Drive Ooltewah,TN 37363

Status: active
Created: July 30, 2008 at 3:30pm (EST)
Edited: August 24, 2008 at 3:13pm (EST)
The last time I heard from him was a week and a half ago (July 20, 2008). I've tried contacting him several times, and I even tried adding his MSN so I could contact him that way. He has been on several times since July 20.

UPDATE: I got the item, but guess what? Its the WRONG item. He said it was the high end Axim pocket PC, and it was not. And, it won't hold a battery charge!
Reported By: Master_Z

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    Interests: GAMES______PLEASE SEND ME SOME GAMES.....
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    OK I'm not really new to the site anymore!!! So I am honest and I'm looking to do some trading so hit me up...But I'm a person that would rather make some money then trade a new game so keep that in mind....

    About that DANG BTR a nOOb gave it to me because I didn't send my side of the deal as soon as his package left his house I think there should be some type of rule that you can give a BTR out unless it's been at least a month!!! I HATE NooBs so people beware of NooBs there impatient and think everyone is out to scam them!!!!

    But hit me up I go by the name of Killa!!!!!!