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      Massachusetts, United StatesUnited States

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      on 16-Nov-2019 at 5:22pm

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    Trade Date/Time: 10-Dec-2018 10:10pm

    Z03L sends:

    Kellyanne_Conway sends:
    Let's Go Pikachu mint with Pokéball plus

    sent, not received Z03L
    sent, received Kellyanne_Conway

    Canceled: 5-Jan-2019 1:40pm by Kellyanne_Conway

    Kellyanne_Conway's reason for canceling this trade:
    So sorry about this. It has been refunded.

    Z03L's response:
    Marked the item sent with no tracking. I asked for the tracking number and updates but got no response. No communication whatsoever and in little under a month canceled the trade. Traded with them before and it went smoothly but this was not the case this time around.

    Trade Date/Time: 22-Jan-2018 5:18pm

    Justin sends:
    $100 Amazon

    Kellyanne_Conway sends:
    Electronics Lot

    sent, not received Justin
    sent, received Kellyanne_Conway

    Canceled: 8-May-2018 3:28pm by Kellyanne_Conway

    Kellyanne_Conway's reason for canceling this trade:
    Justin was refunded in full. Sorry about how this turned out.

    Justin's response:
    One of the most frustrating trades I've ever been a part of. Months of lying about sending nixed with very little communication. Did receive a full refund eventually, but was promised a game as compensation for this mess that I never received. Based on my experience, and many others', I would avoid trading with him until he gets things together.