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Jeffreykins Global Trader - willing to trade internationally Has Written 10 Reviews

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    Alaska, United StatesUnited States

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    on 27-Mar-2019 at 2:51am

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    Trying for a complete NES list., Looking for older stuff, PS1 games, N64 games, SNES games

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Interests: antics, music, cars
Likes: delicious foods, various adventuring things and people
Dislikes: poor singers


I am a collector first and foremost, mostly vintage.
I have an Xbone, PS4, WiiU and 3DS and am always looking for decent games for all.

Systems that I DO NOT have but want: Panasonic 3DO, Philips CD-i, Sega Nomad, and Wonderswan Color.

Currently, I'm looking to complete my N64 system collection with a fire system (with matching controller). As stated above, I'm also trying for a complete US NES game collection (cart only for now)-it'll take awhile, but I'm chipping away.

I'm a real sucker for almost all kinds of cartridge format games. I am also looking to expand my current coin-op collection and I am searching for a full-size pinball machine as well.

I'm mostly into trading, but I do sell games occasionally. Feel free to send offers my way!
I've got a ton of PS1, SNES, and N64 controllers and accessories that are not listed in my availables.

Best I can say is just keep sending me offers, worst that can happen is I'll say no.

Also, if you want to be entertained, read some of my reviews. You'll at least crack a smile, guaranteed.