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Ida Gold Global Trader (22) Canada

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    abandoned (This account is not active)



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      British Columbia, CanadaCanada

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      on 29-Jun-2018 at 2:00pm

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      not currently subscribed

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      PC games, PS3 games, Starbucks Cards, DVDs, Blu-rays, James Bond Trading Cards, Wii games

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      Trade, Buy or Sell

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    Interests: Adventure and RPG games

    Quote: "To the world you may be nobody, but to somebody you may be the world"

    Email me with any offers for other games you have for trade, especially ADVENTURE GAMES. I'm always interested in games that are not listed on my wanted list. (hard to keep track of so many games coming out everyday) So keep those emails coming, send me a link to your listing and i'll check to see if there's anything i'm interested in.

    I REPLY TO ALL EMAILS, the worst i can do is to say No thanks. winking raspberry

    My mail server hasn't been very stable lately, if you DON'T hear from me after 24 hours, please SEND ME ANOTHER EMAIL, i'm NOT ignoring you, i just didn't get your email.

    Gold Star For those of you who have traded with me before and am reading this ... please rate me when you have time, thx.