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Trade Date/Time: 10-Nov-2020 6:22am

Frank sends:
Xbox Series X Preorder

GeeWiz sends:
PlayStation 5 (Disc Model) Preorder

not sent, not received Frank
not sent, not received GeeWiz

Canceled: 16-Nov-2020 11:35am by GeeWiz

GeeWiz's reason for canceling this trade:
I have no reason to lie. I was in financial shambles and when someone offered me $1200 for the disc version, I had to take it. For the sake of my family and financial situation, I had to do it. I feel bad for keeping Frank's hopes up and I know my rep is going to be permanently damaged but for the sake of what I've been going through recently, I had to take that chance.

I did practically go back and forth with them throughout this whole trade because I was this broke because I legit didn't know what to do so when I got offered the money, I saw a way out of my issues. I was do or die at that point. I know I'm pretty much a dick after all this and I deserve the BTR Frank will be giving me, no ifs ands or buts about it.

I apologize to you Frank and all the other GTZ users who happen to read this post

Frank's response:
Chris and I pended our trade (my Xbox Series X Pre-order for his PlayStation 5 Pre-order) on October 10th. This was after a back and forth that started on the 6th. On October 12th, Chris messaged me "Uhhh so I might have a big problem. The PS5 charge caused me to go negative hardcore and I was gonna use it on a car repair tomorrow morning. I dont know how to go about this now" I offered to buy the console at cost plus shipping, and to just sell my Xbox at cost, to be fair. Next day he gives me a message "So surprise news! The PS5 comes in tomorrow! That explains the early charge!" "Sorry to scare you last night. We good! I definitely won't have time to ship it the same day so I'll have to ship it Monday". I told him that was okay with me, and to just update me when the console arrives. He notified me the next day.

Then fast forward to last night, I get the following message, "You're gonna hate me for this, and honestly I don't blame you if you do but im gonna have to cancel this trade..." He proceeded to tell me someone else offered him $1200 for it, and that with his current money issues, he couldn't say no. Between all the back and forth, he even agreed what he did was wrong and that a BTR was probably fair. I couldn't agree more with him there. I definitely appreciate that he was responsive, and even showed remorse, but that doesn't excuse the backhandery. He gave me the runaround multiple times, before final even pending the trade. Then he gives me another scare, apologizes and "calms my nerves" only to tell me in 2 days that he's selling it behind my back.

I've been on this site for many years. The one thing about GTZ I've always loved is that it works like a community. Communities are built on trust and communication. Both are crucial to its success. When one of those is broken, everything crumbles. I could totally forgive the initial back and forth, but actually outright selling it behind my back totally goes against everything GameTZ stands for. He waited for the value of his PS5 to raise, while the peak of the Xbox's value came and went. This was potential lost value.

Now, I never intended to make a profit off my second Xbox order. I placed 2 orders to guarantee myself at least one. When I received both, I offered the other up on GTZ, as an even trade for the PS5. That said, since he has had me tied up, he is forcing me to look into scalper options for a PS5\

Ultimately Chris' actions not only cost me time that could have been spent finding another avenue to purchase a PS5 or other person interested in trading consoles, but also cost potential earning value, mental stress, and honestly ruined my holiday spirit. Chris is an example of a once great user, going downhill. This type of behavior is what had been bringing down our great community.

When a community based on reputation looses all trust, what do we have left?

Trade Date/Time: 15-Jun-2014 10:55pm

thenadz sends:
$13.00 gifted paypal

GeeWiz sends:
FF X/X2 Vita code

sent, not received thenadz
sent, received GeeWiz

Canceled: 20-Nov-2014 9:57pm by GeeWiz

GeeWiz's reason for canceling this trade:
He never clicked received on his end!

thenadz's response:
The trade was never marked as received as I paid for a code that gives me 2 games - Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. The code that xGwiz96z provided was ONLY for Final Fantasy X2, not for Final Fantasy X. I can provide photographic proof of this if needed.

I paid $13 for a code that was supposed to give me 2 games, and only received 1 game. I would like either half of the amount refunded or a code for Final Fantasy X, as promised.