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    West Chicago, Illinois, United StatesUnited States

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    on 24-Feb-2020 at 3:22am

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    since 6-Jun-2015

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    Sega Saturn Sega, Game Boy Advance Nintendo DS Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation PlayStation 2 PlayStation Portable, Microsoft Xbox Microsoft Xbox 360

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I'm collecting and playing a sh*t ton of Nintendo Nintendo Switch. Also collecting and playing PlayStation 2, and PlayStation PS1 w/LCD Screen. I also just bought Analogue FPGa systems. Mega SG and Super NT. They are so cool. If you haven't tried FPGa "emulation". It's the REAL DEAL bro!


I love this place! And I love being able to collect again. You see, in 2008 I lost my privilege to sell on Ebay AND Amazon. I was a licensed game reseller who used Ebay and Amazon for my business. I did not just drive around to garage sales, I had an actual certificate and purchased from various official distributors. However during the recession I got very depressed, and my shipping times began to drag and drag. I lost my selling ability on both major online retailers.

However in 2015 I found this place, thanks to Gypsy. I was able to unload the rest of my Ebay stock and get actual decent value for my items! Before I found this place I gave up on collecting because I didn't know anywhere else to go to get close to Ebay values. Now I collect again, and I love that I can share my MINT games with you all, if I ever decide to move on and sell some of my collection. Because I can actually get decent value here! I also really feel connected to this community thanks to finally having a sellers outlet after nearly a decade of not knowing what to do with old items. I'm very thankful to Bill and the people here.

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Nintendo Switch - Final Fantasy X
Nintendo New 3DS Nintendo 3DS - Code of Princess (launch edition)
PlayStation 2 - Wild Arms Alter Code F