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CharlestonChew22 Double Gold Good Trader Global Trader - willing to trade internationally Has Written 4 Reviews



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    Austin, Texas, United StatesUnited States

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    on 26-Feb-2020 at 1:55pm

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    Everything except PS3/4, 360, and XBONE

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    Trade, Buy or Sell

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I'll make this clear: I'm here to pay you less for games than they go for on ebay and amazon. If I can find it there cheaper, you're not getting a deal out of me. I pretty much only trade things I have duplicates of or imports and oddities that are taking up space, therefore I'm pretty much here just to buy stuff at below market value. If you're interested in my collection I can message you an excel spreadsheet with my different games and systems.

I don't deal with current and next gen Sony and Microsoft products or PC stuff. Only Nintendo Wii U

SNES, GameCube, and Dreamcast are top collecting priorities at the moment.

I only take Disc games complete. Truly rare games I'll consider box and disk only and hunt down the manual. I generally only take Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS games complete too, but NES, SNES, N64 games I'd prefer cart only.

Not much of a trader bc of my collecting habit. More of a buyer. I buy amazon credit and I'll consider giving paypal loans to Gold Star members.

Paypal is ready to get deals on the following games:

Kirby's Air Ride Nintendo GameCube
Lost Vikings 2 Super Nintendo
Shining Tears PlayStation 2
International Super Star Soccer 2000 Nintendo 64

Additional Trading Rules
The reputation system here is great, but if you are buying a somewhat expensive item from me, I will not ship without at least a fractional payment first, regardless of how many trades you have. I'm on this site every single day trying to make deals/trades. You don't walk out of the store without at least putting a down payment on something, and I'm not going to be your credit card.