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Username: Caspel
Aliases: Dakota Grabowski
Address: 4512 N. Saginaw Rd. Apt. 621 Midland, MI, 48640

Status: active
Created: July 7, 2011 at 7:41am (EDT)
Paid him for PC games back on March 4th. He sent out shortly after, and I received the package, but was missing a game (The Movies). Dakota admitted that he had forgotten to put it in there, and promised to remedy it. As he was planning to move, I was willing to cut him some slack and give him plenty of time. He logged in a couple of times after and I asked for status updates, and he kept saying he'd send. It's now July, and he hasn't even logged into the site since April 25th, so I doubt this goes anywhere. I didn't want to file a BTR (first one I've ever had to) over something so trivial and cheap, but as I view a trade as a binding agreement - I didn't get my end of the deal completely.

Basically, I just want him to ship The Movies to me if he still has it, or we can work something else out, I'm sure. I'm flexible, I just need him to show up to deal with this.

Edit: Cancelled the trade because I got tired of looking at it. Doubt this will ever really get resolved, as he probably got caught up in life and disappeared from GTZ. If he ever does come back, I'll even just take some subtime at this point, since it's not a big deal. yes
Reported By: Dasgessabel

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