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    Redding, California, United StatesUnited States

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    on 30-Jul-2020 at 1:56am

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    Video Games, Comic Books, DVDs, VHS, CDs (Metal/Hard Rock), Cassette Tapes (Metal/Hard Rock), Comic Trading Cards, Magazines (Gaming, Comics, SciFi, Metal), Graphic Novels, Wrestling VHS & DVDs

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    Trade Only

Interests: Video Games (Classic & New), Comic Books, Pro-Wrestling, Metal, Sci-Fi, Horror
Likes: RPGs, Metroidvania, Action, Shoot-Em Ups, Run-n-Guns, Platformers, Light-Gun
Dislikes: People Who Never Respond to Trade Requests.


Hi everyone.

I'm looking to trade video games, comic books, metal/hard rock CDs & cassettes, and DVDs/Blu-Rays/VHS.

I'm a happily married family man, Christian, with a beautiful daughter. I was born and raised in Northern California where I still live. I work as a computer instructor for the disabled.

I'm a big geek and metal-head. I'm in to video games both new and old. I'm a big comic fan and collector, too. I'm also a sci-fi and horror movie fan. I'm a bit of a pro-wrestling fan, as well.

Some Trading Guidelines For Me:

-Looking to trade, not buy and sell.

-I ship to the U.S. only.

-PLEASE LOOK AT NOTES PLACED ON MY ITEMS!!! I do my best to describe any defects on a game and/or packaging in any notes I have placed on an item. If you don't realize an item is missing a manual or has a crack on a case because you didn't take the time to read the whole description, that's on you.

-What is on my available list is what's available. Stuff on my collection list is not.

-I'm open to offers. Feel free to message me with one. Doesn't mean I'll always agree to it, but I will consider it. And I will actually respond, even if it's a no (I HATE when people here never respond, so freaking rude.)

-I am happy to include a Tracking Number with all trades.

-I believe in packaging items well when shipped. Your games will always come with cushioning of some sort (usually bubble-wrap) around it. *I expect the same from traders I trade with*

-I will always ship the cheapest way possible. I am here to trade in order to save money, not blow it on overnight-shipping and the sort.

-I ship within 2 business days, usually the day after confirming a trade.