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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3 (Xbox)

Reviewed by: Haz676 Has Written 1 Review
Reviewed on: 26-Feb-2004


You play as Ding Chavez, leader of a four-man squad called Rainbow Six. Your job is to take your team around the world and get rid of terrorist threats. You must do this as quick and efficiently as you can, with minimal casualties. The missions in the game are set to a pretty challenging (yet satisfying level). The great thing about having Xbox Live or System Link is that you can actually do these missions with people. There is, however, no split-screen play to do this on (which goes for deathmatches, etc as well).

The controls are pretty easy to pick up, but they may take a while to get used to. Changing from primary weapons to secondary weapons can be done just by firing the left trigger. If you want something else, like grenades for example, that may not be your secondary. Just hold down the X button and you can pick from there. The control layout is pretty much like most first person shooters for Xbox. Shoot with the right trigger, reload by clicking X, etc. It's not hard to get used to if you're a big fan of these type of games.

Then there is the team commandment system. This is the fun piece. If you cannot get a hold of an Xbox Live Communicator headset, not to worry: you can still issue commands by holding down the A button. But, if you do have a headset, you can simply yell the commands to your fellow teammates. This is great fun! However, sometimes the headset had trouble hearing what I was saying. You have to clearly pronounce everything you say, even when you're in tight ambushes, etc. If you want a team to "follow you" or "hold" and you're too lazy to tell them that through the headset or simply don't want to use the A button, then just press the black button. It's as easy as that.

Multiplayer has to be the main highlight here, however. Again, you can't do multiplayer on a single Xbox, you need at least two, or you can just go on Live. There are many games to choose from including the usual deathmatches, and team deathmatches to sharpshooter and survival. It's great fun yelling at people when you get mad, or talking smack talk. It's also a great way to meet people too.

The graphics in this game (like most Ubisoft games) are incredible. The sound is equally good. Just stand there for a minute and listen to your surroundings, it's amazing how much detail they put into the game. Online you feel like you're really in an intense battle. The soundtrack is also very good. It does get tiresome since you hear it every time you get in the game room after a match. I've actually found myself humming to it a few times.

So, in conclusion, this game is an amazing experience and well worth your money. For incredible game play, graphics and sound to die for, you should make room in your game collection now. Easy controls that you can pick up right away and a very accessible commands list makes this game never get old. Even if you don't have Xbox Live or a headset, this is still an incredible game.