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Red Bull Simply Cola (other)

Reviewed by: sk8rjason Has Written 1 Review BTRs
Reviewed on: 8-Feb-2009


Simply the most disgusting cola ever created. Red Bull should be ashamed of themselves for unleashing this filth on an unsuspecting public!

The can is nicely colored, and the aroma is not fatal, and that is the end of the good points.

The cola tastes absolutely disgusting! It tastes like old gym socks smell, they should face criminal prosecution for creating this garbage!!!!

The price is outrageous as well. At $7.99 for a 4-pack, it is the most expensive cola on the market.

In closing, if you care at all about what you put in your body, avoid this like the plague!! You would be better off buying Steel Reserve and drinking it warm right out of the can. At least then you would get drunk. With this product you just get sick, literally. It has been shown to cause projectile vomiting.

Buy Coca-Cola and drink smart!!