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Mighty Final Fight (Nintendo Entertainment System)

Reviewed by: Morph Has Written 4 Reviews BTRs
Reviewed on: 30-Nov-2006


A slight letdown. That is what I said when I first popped this game into my NES. Me and my buddies used to stay up 'til two in the morning to playing the original Final Fight on the Sega Genesis, and after that, playing Mighty Final Fight is a mixed bag.

The graphics (not counting the hideous slowdown) are quite good. The sprites are big and the environments colorful. However, the NES just wasn't designed to pull off this kind of workload, and it shows. Even with a couple of goons on screen, it begins to feel like you're moving through molasses. Sprite flickering is also a problem, and often occurs when slowdown peaks.

The controls are simple. It's not that hard to jump right into the game. The first time I played, I found myself making it almost to the end of the game before dying. But you have to remember, the NES pad has 2 buttons + the D-pad, as well as Start and Select. As compared to the Super Nintendo or the Genesis, the move-set is quite small and gets very dull over time. The lack of multiplayer in this circumstance hurts it more, but I'll get into that in a minute. You will find yourself most of the time using the exact same moves to take out each enemy and boss. The level up scheme works, but it just doesn't compare.

NO MULTIPLAYER!! I almost coughed up a hairball when I discovered that. After some quick destruction in Contra, I go to start up Mighty Final Fight and boom, no two player. I was just about to invite one of my friends over to try it out too. It ain't no party game, folks, it's strictly a one man walk in the park.

But I digress, as the game has its draws. It's very pretty on the graphics side, easy to play even for beginners, and increasingly rare. Being one of the last NES games published, it has a distinct value among collectors. It also is a game that provides console overclockers with something to think about (wink wink). It also has its flaws, but if you are just a collector, or someone who idly plays games, then it will not present that much of an issue.