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Metal Gear Solid (Game Boy Color)

Reviewed by: Morph Has Written 4 Reviews BTRs
Reviewed on: 8-Jul-2004


Metal Gear Solid on the GBC is a game that has often been passed up in gaming history. People assume that a great game cannot be ported from main consoles to handhelds, which is often the case. However, Metal Gear Solid on the GBC is unique. It defies all odds, and outwits the limitations of the GBC's tiny cartridge, with almost no sacrifice made to the game's playability.

The game starts out much like the original NES version of Metal Gear. You are para-dropped behind enemy lines to stop the terrorists from using the mech combat unit, Metal Gear. However, this is where it separates all ties with its other 8-bit counterpart. Moving through the game, you discover that Solid Snake has all the same moves as in the PSX version. Most notable, in my humble opinion, is the inclusion of 8-directional movement, a rare thing for a GB or GBC game. Some of our favorite stealth tactics are back, like crawling through heavily secured areas, peeking around corners, or even the very fun knocking-on-a-wall-to-get-a-guards-attention. Although myself, I have not gotten far enough to discover this myself, I have heard that even "The Box" is back.

And not to be outdone by its console bourne brethren, it even has a 2 player VS. mode. In this mode, you can play games of hide & seek, or a sort of capture the flag type of game.

However, even the brightest gems have their flaws, and MGS is not excluded from that rule. As most GB and GBC games, there is trouble with being able to concentrate on the tiny screen, and a good light source is absolutely necessary. And, like its big brother, it suffers the same flaw that, once you beat it, there is no real reason to do it again. However, the added multiplayer does give it a boost of replay value.

All-in-all, this is definately a worthwhile port that all too many people missed out on, and if you get the opportunity, you should definately check it out. Then you too will be one of us that say, "HOLY FLAMING CRAPBURGERS! Konami shrunk Solid Snake!"