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Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix (GameCube)

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Reviewed on: 16-Apr-2010


People complained about the GameCube's lack of DDR games. Both the PS2 and the Xbox had a ton of DDR games released for them, and yet Nintendo didn't have a single one. That all changed when Nintendo teamed up with Konami to create a Nintendo GameCube exclusive DDR game featuring everyone's favorite plumber, Mario!

The graphics, for a Nintendo GameCube game, are awesome! The game looks great. The colors look great, the details look great, and so do all the special effects.

Well, the game plays as well as any other DDR game. Use your feet, or if you're lazy you can use the controllers Analog Stick or D-Pad, up, down, left, or right to match that of the screen. The game features 29 exclusive songs either based off of classic NES games, or remixes of past Mario games. The games pace varies between song, but If you play long enough to you'll most likely break a sweat.

The music in this game is very good. If you don't like Nintendo you probably won't like it, yet them again if you don't like Nintendo and you bought this game, then you're nuts! The song list includes:

Here We Go!
Underground Mozart
Pipe Pop
Garden Boogie
Destruction Dance
Jump! Jump! Jump!
Fishing Frenzy
Pirate Dance
In the Whirlpool
Step by Step
Blooper Bop
Hammer Dance
Boo Boogie
Moustache, Barrel, and Gorilla
Starring Wario!
Frozen Pipes
Cabin Fever
Ms. Mowz's Song
Deep Freeze
Rendezvous on Ice
Midnight Drive
Always Smiling
Bowser's Castle
Up, Down, Left, Right
Choir on the Green
Hop, Mario!
Where's the Exit?

Exclusive Features
Unlike other DDR games available on other consoles this game features exclusives only available on this game! Story Mode is where you go on a quest to gather up all the magical Music Keys that Waluigi has stolen from the Mushroom Kingdom. In story mode you simply play through the 29 songs. The other mode is Mushroom Mode. This is just a simple mode you pick while selecting a song. It adds bonus items in addition to the arrows. You must either stomp Goombas, or stop a flame from going off. The final exclusive (my personal favorite) is the Mini games. The first Mini Game you play is a version of whack a mole, only you're whacking Goombas. Use the D-Pad to smash Goombas back into the pipes.There are two other mini-games that you can also unlock. I'll leave those a mystery. wink

If you like Mario, like Dance games, and want to shed a few calories, then this game is for you. The game is one of a kind and is one of my personal favorite GameCube games ever made!