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Chocobo's Dungeon 2 (PlayStation)

Reviewed by: MyAlterEgo Has Written 10 Reviews
Reviewed on: 6-Sep-2004


My first review is for one of my favorite games: Chocobo's Dungeon 2 for the PlayStation One. The game features two treasure hunters, Chocobo and Mog, who are on a quest to look for riches in various dungeons. Along the way, they meet some new friends to aid them in their adventure.

Graphics -- The graphics in the game are rather simplistic, not showing the full potential of the PS1. The monsters and characters all have a cartoonish look. The monsters in this game are some from your favorite Final Fantasy games along with some characters from the Chocobo games. They do not look as mean and hostile as their Final Fantasy counter-parts, giving the game a cartoonish feel. The dungeons are 3D, to a certain point. They do look cartoonish too, but they are different from the characters. However, the cutscenes are awesome. smile

Sound -- I love the sound! The sound of the Chocobo theme music is brilliant. The theme is easy to memorize and is very nice to the ear. The actual sound is rather basic, but the music is just too cool!

Gameplay -- The gameplay features Chocobo and your second character walking around in dungeons, attacking monsters. It isn't turn-based battles, rather you just walk up and attack your enemy. grin The enemies in this game chase you if you get too close to them, and they eventually catch you, entering into a battle. Your goal is to try and progress to the stairs, which signals the end of each floor. Every set of stairs you go down makes you venture closer to the final floor. The gameplay is also very simple. It is not as complex as RPGs/action RPGs, which could be good, and it could be bad. The items are simplistic as well. Some of these items are potions, rocks, and spell books (they are Magic, Chocobo has no MP grin).

Level of difficulty -- Low. It is easy to just walk through dungeons and have a Chocobo kick monsters around. No real leveling up is needed, like in other RPGs. If you just proceed through the dungeon looking for the next floor of the dungeon, then you should be alright.

Overall -- This game is not for everyone. Some people think the game is too easy and too childish. You should really only play this game if you are a SquareSoft fanatic, or a crazed Chocobo like me.

I hope you liked my review, from your number one Chocobo fan, rpgchocobo smile