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Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon (Bandai WonderSwan)

Reviewed by: MyAlterEgo Has Written 10 Reviews
Reviewed on: 17-Sep-2004


Here is my second-ever GameTZ review. It is of Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon, which was released in 1997 in Japan only for the Bandai Wonderswan.

Graphics -- They are in black and white, but despite that, the graphics look pretty good. They are nicely detailed on some parts of the game. The dungeons look a little like something from the Pokémon games for Game Boy. The monsters are very nicely detailed and give the game a feel that you are not playing Game Boy technology, as this game came out in Game Boy/Color's era.

Sound -- The music just doesn't brighten my day like the Chocobo games for the PlayStation One. I feel that this game is lacking what makes those games so great. The game has basic sounds, like a sound when you select an option, or kick your opponents. But I just can't judge this game as having worthy sound. frown

Gameplay -- It is just like the PS1 games. You are Chocobo and you must find the next floor of the dungeon by exploring and kicking your enemies. The monsters are just about the same as the PS1 games, just not in color and not as richly detailed. The monsters do have a sort of cute look to them, showing that this game is not the next Silent Hill game. raspberry The monsters are goblins, Golems, and the like, fairyworld creatures. In this game, your weapons are claws. They are what Chocobo uses to attack his enemies. There are all different types, there, might be types like that can curse Chocobo and you can't unequip it. Your defense for this game is saddles that attachtches to Chocobo's back. Like the claws, saddles can have +1, +2, etc which gives them extra defense points.The items in this game are potions and spell books, etc, like the Ps1 Chocobo's Dungeon games. It doesn't get non-Japanese readers frustrated, the game is easily playable with no Japanese knowledge, which is nice. In all the gameplay is very nice and unique.

Replay Value -- Low. It is just one of those games that, once you beat it, you don't play again. Simple as that.

Learning Curve -- Easy. This game is pretty easy to beat and will only take maybe 7-10 hours. The average gamer can beat it in a week. That can be good because it can give you the chance to beat one game and move on to another. It can also be bad cause the game is too short value-wise. frown

Overall -- Only hardcore gamers should really play this game.You gotta be a Final Fantasy and Chocobo lover to play this gamesmile It is not one the average gamer should play, as he might not enjoy it.This game can bore the average gamer, you must have patience for this game. shock All in all, I played this game and liked it. If you have the chance to get it, you should. It is a fun game and it is a nice edition to your collection.