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My first sale with mostly collectibles
17-Mar-19 10:16am
Double Gold Good Trader

All items come from smoke free home for those who care

1. All comics will be bagged and boarded if not already
2. All prices are negotiable i used ebay as a median price to begin before naming my price. I encourage offers. Remember these are collectibles and thats why i have pictures
3. I dont ship overseas due to expensive cost. So USA or Canada only
i accept paypal gifted if possible, money orders as second choice. I will trade as last resort for higher priced item or bundle-but prefer selling)
i will also make deals if people buy more than one thing
i do not ship on thursdays cause i work in a location with no post office nearby, thus i ship on m-w,friday and saturday

Thanks for looking

each link will have prices below

(funko Pop)

plo kloon-5.00
mace windu-5.00
cro minion-5.00
will ryker-5.00

whiterun guard-7.00
chandra nallar-5.00
superman soldier-5.00
king bob-5.00

carl minion-5.00
kit fisto-5.00

prices are as follows

(hot wheels)
star wars-darth maul-4.00
Iron man-3.00

all mtg fatpack booklets 1.00
ziggy --2.50
firefly keychain(sealed) 1.25

wildstorm character cards(sold as a set)

world of warcraft march of the legion storage box with oversized cards no other cards Oversized cards are still sealed

2 4X4 Marvel character card sheets (sold as a set)-will be shipped in a bag and board


savage dragon cards (sold as set) 1.00
star wars mini card promo -.25
playing cards-auto racing 1.00
4x6 Top Loaders(sealed) 2.50
spy vs spy collectible -2.50

amulet for halloween costume or whatever .75
marvel min figure (semi sealed) 1.00
kingdom hearts mystery mini (orignally sold at gamestop-characters are chip and dale-figure still seale din plastic wrap) 2.50
mystery mini -star trek - comes with box and plastic-character ? 1.00
monopoly the card game(sealed) 5.00-sold

19-Mar-19 10:03pm
Double Gold Good Trader

pended items in parenthesis

also if i end up selling all items in a particular photo i will remove the photo
22-Mar-19 8:12pm
Double Gold Good Trader

anything not sold goes on evilbay
24-Mar-19 2:46pm
Double Gold Good Trader

i know people want this stuff

dont forget i do deals
24-Mar-19 3:20pm
GameTZ Subscriber 400 Trade Quintuple Gold Good Trader Global Trader - willing to trade internationally

He's awesome for it i recommend

27-Mar-19 6:50pm
Double Gold Good Trader

lowered prices
will still haggle for multiple items

My first sale with mostly collectibles