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Anyone see the new FIRESTARTER movie
15-May-22 8:56pm
Triple Gold Good Trader

Hello. Just curious if anyone saw the remake of the 1984 movie Firestarter. I have Peacock so I can watch it for no extra charge. Just wondering if it is worth watching it. The old one I haven't sat down and watched from beginning to end since about 1995. Not sure how it will hold up against the original being that cameras are everywhere and cell phones are as well. So living off the grid would be very difficult nowadays which was one the primary reason they were not noticed in the original film. The original was not great but was entertaining back then. I still remember the movie at my local cheap theatre right near my house having it there about three months until it finally came out at on VHS/BETA video tapes around six to eight months after the original release. I miss going to the video store and my local theatre and never missing the best movies and occasionally seeing some good B title movies. I miss walking around the store and seeing games and movies those really were the days.
16-May-22 8:46am
Silver Good Trader Global Trader - willing to trade internationally Has Written 1 Review

17-May-22 2:04am
Triple Gold Good Trader Global Trader - willing to trade internationally Canada

I watched it. It was okay at best. Score was good
17-May-22 2:32pm
GameTZ Subscriber Gold Good Trader Has Written 3 Reviews

I don't remember ever seeing the original but I tried watching the new one and got bored and turned it off a little over halfway through.
17-May-22 11:02pm
Triple Gold Good Trader

The original is worth watching but this also was before the internet was everywhere. Its kinda like Superman, Batman, Spiderman and etc you just can't get away from cameras and showing your identity. Even with the mind control of the father it doesn't last forever so unless he was an internet genius that could stop all the cameras watching. I still have not watched the new one due to some very stressful family matters. Its very hard to concentrate right now on anything so I'm thankful for reruns. If the new Firestarter takes place today it probably would not be very good but if they made it take place in the 80's again it would probably be watchable with better special effects. If you haven't seen the original I would recommend watching that first. It was a good movie in 1984 with some good actors especially George C. Scott.

Anyone see the new FIRESTARTER movie