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WTS IPad 3, IPad 5?
28-Dec-18 4:57pm
Silver Good Trader

I have two Ipads for sale. I have I think an Ipad 3, it is the last one to use the old connector for charging. It is 16 gig, no cracks or dead spots that I have noticed and still holds a pretty decent charge for its age and use. It is a little slower to charge now, but once it is charged it has a pretty decent life. The wife got a new one for XMas.

I also have a previous generation IPad, a 2017 I think they are called a 5, great screen, runs great, 32 gig, holds a great charge. I got an IPad Pro so I could do some of my art digitally so I don't need two now. Looking to sell. Send me an offer if you are interested or I can provide any additional information.


WTS IPad 3, IPad 5?