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Username: xbox3
Address: 4308 pleasant hollow rd , jackson, WI 53037

Status: active
Created: July 5, 2006 at 8:15pm (EDT)
Edited: July 28, 2006 at 5:13pm (EDT)
I received an INCOMPLETE item. He already got my part of the deal and he is not sending the missing item in his part of the deal. I'd been emailing him as well as adding messages on the pending trade BUT he is not responding eventhough he is logging in everyday.

I need the missing item or $30 cash to buy one. Or better yet, send me my money back and I will send the incomplete item that I received.

If somebody knows his phone number, I need to talk to his mother. That worked with his past BTR so it might work this time too.


07/15/2006: I receive a set of non-Apple brand earphones and this set is in bad condition. And what's up with it being tied in knots!? Not just a couple knots...but a lot more than that. I expected a set that the iPod originally came with when it was first bought since he posted it as "...brand new iPod with earphones only...". I want this thing corrected or I want a part refund so I can buy an Apple brand earphones or I want to get a FULL refund!


07/28/2006: You said it is brand new with earphones, so anyone will think that since it is BRAND NEW (box is sealed) that it comes with Apple brand earphones. The iPod is not brand new and was shipped with no box in a bubble envelop frown . The item description was misleading and I want to get a FULL REFUND and I will return the items to you.
Reported By: iamFLIP
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (27-Jul-2006)
i never said anything about apple ipod earphones, i just said it came with earphones

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